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15 lead Digital ECG machine price
15 lead Digital ECG machine price
15 lead Digital ECG machine price
15 lead Digital ECG machine price
15 lead Digital ECG machine price

15 lead Digital ECG machine price

Model NO.:
USD 1000.00-10000.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
1000 set / Month
Country of Origin:
Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong
Stock Time:
5~15 working days for the portable ecg machine Days
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:MC-IE15
  • Brand Name:MeCan
  • Type:Pathological Analysis Equipments

15-channel Digital ECG









Ergonomic notebookdesign

  • 12.1-inch high resolution TFT LCD with touch screen, easy to view
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for up to 2.5 hours of continuous work
  • Peripheral ports:VGA,USB,LAN,SD card

Data management solution

  • Massive local storage for up to 1500 files
  • Support SD card and USB flash disk
  • ECG management software (optional)

Innovative acquisition module

  • Advanced 24-bit A/D converter technology,better in weak signal detection
  • Complete filtering technology against AC,EMG interference and baseline wandering
  • Individual lead wires can be exchanged
  • 15-lead ECG for adults and pediatrics, Vector cardiograph, 12-lead ECG, all-in-one
  • 3 operation keys for efficiency improvement and time-saving

Streamlined workflow from start to finish

  • 1:1 actual size background gridline,provides preliminary screening without printout
  • Icon buttons on the screen for intuitive operation
  • 7 working modes:auto,manual,rhythm,trigger,economic,upload,cycle
  • 18 report formats on printing

15-lead ECG

  • The 15-lead ECG aids in detection of ECG changes of ischemia which are difficult to be detected with standard ECG
  • The extra leads combinations for different clinical needs
  • Separate 15-lead ECG mode for adults and pediatrics by one-touch

Vector cardiograph

  • VCG and vector loop for more advantages in diagnosis ofthe right atrium & ventricular hypertrophy,conduction block,myocardial infarction and so on

Analysis for children and pediatrics

  • Broad frequency response 0.05~250Hz for weaker signal recognition and capture, better in ECG interpretation for children and pediatrics

Arrhythmia detection

  • Auto-trigger printing when arrhythmia is detected under trigger mode
  • Extending printing prompt

R-R analysis

  • Up to 300 seconds R-R analysis in 1 or 3 rhythm leads for easier in arrhythmia locating

Freeze function

  • Up to 300 seconds of uninterrupted 12-lead frozen waveforms for intermittent arrhythmia analysis

Cabrera mode

  • Cabrera mode available to orientate the original position of myocardial ischemia or arrhythmia

Pacemaker detection

  • Detect accurately the presence of pacemaker pulses and reduce the treatment contraindicated for paced patients



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