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Agricultural equipment portable grain analyzer near infrared NIR spectrometer for animal feeds
Agricultural equipment portable grain analyzer near infrared NIR spectrometer for animal feeds
Agricultural equipment portable grain analyzer near infrared NIR spectrometer for animal feeds
Agricultural equipment portable grain analyzer near infrared NIR spectrometer for animal feeds

Agricultural equipment portable grain analyzer near infrared NIR spectrometer for animal feeds

Model NO.:
USD 15000.00-15000.00
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  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Properties:Diagnosis & Injection
  • Brand Name:MeCan
  • Model Number:MC-IAS3100

Agricultural equipment portable grain analyzer near infrared NIR analyzer for animal feeds MC-IAS3100




The portable near infrared spectrum analyzer is an analysis and detection device based on near infrared spectrum analysis technology. It has built-in various measurement models and is mainly suitable for rapid measurement of various grain raw material components. at the same time, it is also a fast and portable analysis instrument.


We have made some unique designs to help you better.
The speed of testing and stable data can help us better understand the quality of grain and oil, and can also help us greatly reduce the cost and efficiency of testing. It is based on your actual experience. Through some unique designs, it can help you realize fast and accurate grain analysis during the busiest harvest season.


We have provided you with a simple and fully automatic human interaction system. even if you are not a professional, you can rest assured because it is very simple. One-click acquisition enables the instrument to operate fully automatically, and the learning cost is extremely low.At the same time, the system also has the function of automatic calibration and one-click export of measurement results, which makes it easier for you to obtain accurate measurement data faster. In addition, the hidden touch control structure designed by the instrument can prevent most of the maintenance risks caused by accidental collisions.


We have made a lot of efforts in the usage scenario. The equipment supports unplugging work and can be charged with onboard power supply, so that you can quickly obtain the measurement data you want in more scenarios. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a full shading cover plate, which can still measure ideal results even in outdoor conditions with strong sunshine.
It adopts an original full sample rotation scanning system. the full sample scanning mode can ensure that each particle in the sample cell can receive light irradiation. compared with the traditional illumination and illumination sampling, only local sample spectra can be collected, which greatly improves the sampling representativeness of samples and enables users to obtain more reliable and representative measurement results. It has also designed a large sample pool while optimizing the sampling method. the 200 ml sample size has more advantages in sampling.


We have also helped you to construct an intelligent cloud service platform. behind the cloud service platform are professional engineers and technical support services, which means that you can remotely maintain the equipment, update the model and obtain the latest operating software of the instrument through the platform. Of course, you can also connect the device to the PC or mobile phone and use it more flexibly.


We are committed to providing you with fast, cost-effective testing equipment. It has the mainstream technical parameters in the industry. Due to its combination of advanced semiconductor technology, its service life and reliability are greatly superior to those of traditional technology.





Instrument parameters


Measuring object

Flour, fodder, etc

Measuring item

Protein, grease, moisture, ash, etc

Measuring time


Sample capacity


Core detector

Indium gallium arsenic detector

wavelength coverage






Power supply


External interface



7 - inch industrial touch screen

Power consumption

25w ( average )

Instrument operating temperature


Relative humidity of instrument work


Instrument storage temperature



Wifi external wireless network card


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