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Coagulate Analyzer
Coagulate Analyzer
Coagulate Analyzer
Coagulate Analyzer
Coagulate Analyzer
Coagulate Analyzer

Coagulate Analyzer

Model NO.:
USD 1999.00-8999.00 / piece
Minimum order quantity:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
1000 piece / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:Mecan
  • Model Number:MCL-5100

Coagulate Analyzer


Product Description


 Measurement method: scattering optical turbidimetry
Test principle: the first differential highest point method, percentage method (advanced percentage method detection principle overcomes the interference of yellow gallbladder, hemolysis, chyle, etc., and can also accurately test abnormal samples)
Zero tracking: unique intelligent software, automatic zero point jumping system, to overcome the interference of specimens and reagents
Measurement wavelength: 470nm
Thermostat: Self-contained thermostat, reagent and sample pre-warm position, no need to install a separate water bath; dual heating, fast and stable
Measurement trigger: supporting sample loading system, photoelectric triggering, automatic trigger measurement; prompt tone will prompt you to grasp the best measurement time
Measurement items: You can add or modify measurement items, and you can quickly and easily complete the parameter setting of various items.
Calibration: single point calibration, multi-point calibration; automatic storage, automatic call calibration curve
Quality control: comprehensive quality control, automatic drawing quality control chart
Supporting reagents: Reagents are open, widely used at home and abroad
Reagent dosage: reagent dosage 40uL
sample dosage: sample dosage 40Ul
Results storage: Automatically store more than 10,000 sample results, automatically save measurement data after power off
Temperature control accuracy: 37 ± 0.2 ° C
Test accuracy: coefficient of variation (CV): PT, APTT, FIB, TT ≤ 5%
Calculation function: can convert S, %, PTR, INR, G/L, etc.; can calculate fibrinogen by PT, save reagents and reduce cost
Printer: Built-in high-speed parallel thermal printer for external dot matrix printer
Result report: Editable comprehensive patient information, output Chinese and English reports
Interface: Standard interface, external computer workstation and printer, print standard report
Working environment: Temperature: 10°C-30°C; Relative humidity: 20%-80%
Voltage: 90-264V, voltage adaptive
Quality System: CE

Main measurement project

Prothrombin time: PT
Activate partial thromboplastin time: APTT
Thrombin time: TT
fibrinogen: FIB
Reptile enzyme time: RepT
Snake Time: VT
Antithrombin III: AT-III
Protein S: PS
Protein C: PC
Lupus Anticoagulant Analysis: LA
Heparin quantitative measurement: HepCoagulate Analyzer (2).jpgCoagulate Analyzer (3).jpgCoagulate Analyzer (4).jpgCoagulate Analyzer (5).jpg

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Coagulate Analyzer

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Coagulate Analyzer