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Digital Block Heater Lab Test Tube Warmer Heater
Digital Block Heater Lab Test Tube Warmer Heater
Digital Block Heater Lab Test Tube Warmer Heater
Digital Block Heater Lab Test Tube Warmer Heater
Digital Block Heater Lab Test Tube Warmer Heater

Digital Block Heater Lab Test Tube Warmer Heater

Model NO.:
USD 100.00-99999.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
500 set / Month
Country of Origin:
Guangzhou Shenzhen Hongkong Shanghai Yiwu Ningbo
Stock Time:
10-15 Days
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:MC-JY
  • Brand Name:Me Can
  • Instrument classification:Class II

Digital Block Heater Lab Test Tube Warmer Heater 



Model : MC-JY/MC-SG20/MC-SG40/MC-MK200



SG Test tube heater


SG tube heater thermostat in the tank based on the original development of a new generation of new test-tube temperature device. Be applied to each of the standard response to 1.5ml,5ml and 10ml tube, the heating apparatus using high-density block of aluminum alloy extrusion with large heat capacity, thermal resistance small, uniformed heating and so on. Intelligent machines used figures temperature, arbitrarily set, automatic thermostat, easy-to-use, temperature control and high accuracy. Instruments have a number of significant timing device, the user can arbitrarily adjust 0-999 minutes time period.


Technical parameters: 


Operating voltageAC 220V 50HZ
Heating power300W500W600W1000W
Temperature rangeRT-100℃
Temperature accuracy±0.5℃
Test specificationsΦ13×7Φ11×14Φ16×24Φ11×48
Heating the core materialaluminum alloy


Temperature and time settings: 

   SET button the first time can be set by temperature, this time on the digital display Pai SP, the next row of data flashing LED that instrument to enter the temperature setting, and by key to increase or reduce the bond temperature under the row value, and then click SET button on the dashboard display Pai ST, the next row flashing LED data that sets the time to enter the state, according to keys by  key to increase or reduce the waiting time under the settings, and then click SET key instrument to return to normal working condition. Temperature and time setting completed 



    Connected to the power, open the power switch. Set the required temperature (conventional 37 ℃), the Center Block of the pre-heating when the heating indicator will be required to eliminate the test-tube heating thermostat by adding the solution, insert the heat from the hole, about 10 minutes after the temperature reached a state of solution . Completed the experiment should be power-down, can not be hot air. To avoid working long hours and the case is too hot and burn the body. Internal heater with temperature controller, heating loop will automatically adjust the heating temperature 



1, the heater began to work, can not be hand as well as the physical contact of the heating heater hole, boiling the solution will have a bubble, sometimes overflow tube, the tube can not be close to hand, but can not get his hands directly in vitro, in order to avoid scalded. Bubble solution heated overflow tube folder should be removed immediately. 

2, is strictly prohibited for flammability, Explosive, corrosive substance of the heating, so as to avoid fire. Blast and so on is prohibited in the long dry heater, turn off when not in use the power. Body dry and dust with a dry brush to do in order to avoid damp. 




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