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Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid
Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid
Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid
Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid
Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid
Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid

Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid

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  • Brand Name:MeCan
  • Model Number:MC-J908

Excellent Clarity And Comfortable RIC Digital Hearing Aid










Excellent “Elite”, Excellent Hearing.

New “Elite” is with a new technology in a high-level which is based on the high-speed DSP signal processing chip and multi-core computing, advanced algorithms. Innovative audio signal processing feature, perfect bionic organsof the human auditory to percept the sound, superior sound quality openeda new chapter in hearing aid technology. Intelligent system has been always the Tendency of hearing aid technology.


Up to 48-Channel Signal Processing

Up to 48-channel of signal processing and bionic technology, it can distinguish the noise and speech signal, weak the loud sound, restore the original sound, and give you a clearly hearing and wonderful life.


Up to 12-Channel AWDRC System 

Lenx series with 12-Channel AWDRC System, precisely matches various audiogram and meet the various hearing demand. Lenx series improves the listening clarity extremely.



Advanced CASA noise management system

With advanced adaptive noise management algorithms, advanced CASA noise management system can obtains comprehensive information about the noise so as to efficiently eliminate the random, continuous and periodic noise under various environments.


Dual Dynamic Range Compression 

DDRC gives more compression to strong sound in dynamic range compared with WDRC.There are two input CK points and one output CK point adjustable on each channel. User can hear more information in a wider frequency range and enjoy a wonderful hearing.


New 5th generation Intelligent Multi-modal feedback compression system


Intelligent Multi-modal feedback compression system has different ways to compress feedback. It can identify and cancel the potential and fuzzy whistles in a moving frequency. This new feedback compression system enhances the comfort extremely.


Personalized Datalogging System: iLog 5.0

New Personalized Datalogging system:“iLog5.0”. It will help to collect user’s technology data during hearing aid working time. Also iLOG 5.0 can provide complete fitting and service data evidence to keep exact fitting result.


Intelligent Volume Record learning function. 

Intelligently record the volume during hearing aid working time. No need to adjust volume time by time, to meet various volume need under different environments.


Built-in Tinnitus Masker

Combining the tinnitus masker with the hearing rehabilitation together, it brings the gospel to the tinnitus patients.


FRONTWAVE Directional Microphone(Speech Enhancer) 

FRONTWAVE Directional Microphone(Speech Enhancer) function can high-sensitive focus speaker’s language from a complex sound environment. Meanwhile, it can intelligent reducing noise around, provide more comfortable and clear hearing.


Built-in Audiometer 

Built-in Audiometer function, to test user’s hearing loss degree nearly to eardrum, with individualization and pertinence features.


Humanization Comfort Level Validation

Comfort Level helps audiologist to master the comfort threshold and discomfort one accurately and to ensure a fitted frequency response in a most comfortable level.


Technical Specifications









Peak Gain(dB)






Frequency Range F1,F2





THD at 500Hz



THD at 800Hz



THD at 1600Hz



Eq.Input Noise Level



Battery Current Drain



Attack Time



Release Time



Q:If I am an end user,what do I need to offer?

A:Please send me your audiogram,so I can advise you a suitable one according to your audiogram.


Q: What is audiogram?

A:I suggest that you can go to your local hospital to find a ENT doctor to hearing aid test for you and then you can have a hearing loss test report to indicate your hearing loss degree, we call the hearing loss report as audiogram.


Q:How can I program the hearing aid?

A: You can use programmer,programming cable,fitting software and computer to program the hearing aid. For the first time,we will do programming for you,but if later your customer's hearing loss change,he/she need to do programming again,you can do programming for them,as the cable and software must use ours.If you have programmer,I advise you to buy programming cables for them,the software is free for you.


Q: What are the accessories?

A: User Guide, Screw or Brush, ear domes.


Q:What is the size of this kind of hearing aid?

A:3.0*1.5cm(L*W),about 5g.


Q:What is a RIC hearing aid?

A:RIC is an acronym used describe a style of hearing aid. It stands for receiver-in-canal. This style of hearing aid is also sometimes referred to as RIE (receiver-in-ear), or RITE (receiver-in-the-ear). RIC hearing aids have a microphone and sound processor housed in a casing which sits behind the ear. This behind the ear portion of the hearing aid has a small wire running around the ear and into ear canal, which is known as the “receiver” and has a speaker on the end of it which sits in the ear canal. RIC hearing aids are the most popular hearing aids on the market.


Q:What is the biggest advantage of RIC hearing aids?
A:RIC hearing aids (often sometimes called open-fit hearing aids), are by far the most comfortable style of hearing aid on the market. After a few minutes wearing them, many people completely forget they are in their ears.


Q:Should I buy a BTE or RIC hearing aid?

A:The vast majority of people would do better with a RIC hearing aid. They are more comfortable, more discreet, often smaller, and sometimes amplify a wider range of sounds than BTE hearing aids. For more than 90% of our customers, the RIC is the right choice.
However, if you have a profound hearing loss, work outdoors, get ear infections often, sweat a lot, or want the most durable hearing aid possible, the BTE is probably a better choice.






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