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GUANGZHOU GOOD QUALITY DD-10 980/808nm Diode Laser For Soft Tissue
GUANGZHOU GOOD QUALITY DD-10 980/808nm Diode Laser For Soft Tissue

GUANGZHOU GOOD QUALITY DD-10 980/808nm Diode Laser For Soft Tissue

Model NO.:
USD 1000.00-50000.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
500 set / Month
Country of Origin:
Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hongkong
Stock Time:
5-12 working days of DD-04 4w Diode Laser For Sof Days
  • Type:Laser
  • Place of Origin:CN
  • Model Number:MC-DD-10
  • Brand Name:MeCan
  • Product Name: DD-10 980/808nm Diode Laser For Soft Tissueoduct details


Why laser technology?

Since lasers was applied to dental treatment, more superiority of lasers is changing the game in the realm of modern dentistry, dentists use laser perform more procedures, less time, better results. Patients benefit from faster treatment, shorter healing times with less overall discomfort, painless, silent treatment condition. Comparing with traditional methods and surgical devices such as electrocautery, surgical blade etc., Diode lasers provide excellent soft-tissue management alternative, often times will not require local anesthetic, it cut very small zone of necrosis, it is so easy, so gentler and painless with treatment, it perform a wide arrange of soft-tissue procedures with little to no discomfort, no fear, assures a better relationship with the patients, especially the odontophobic and children, immediate hemostasis, rapid healing, the laser has strong power against bacteria thus encouraging decontamination and anti-inflammatory action while using it.


Laser Treatment benefits

1.Benefits for the dentists:

Precise incision, excision, ablation
Practice growth and differentiation
Quality of work
Clean, clear operating field
Reduced stress
Greater through-put of patients
Increment revenue
Greater efficiency
Fiber provides better access
Versatile tool for several application

2.Benefits for Patients:

Minimal or no bleeding
No swelling, faster healing
Reduced post-operative infection
Minimal or no anaesthesia
Minimal pain, inconvenience
Less time in chair, less anxiety
Whitening –single visit procedure
High quality treatment
Less time predictable result
Maybe used in pregnant and pacemaker cases


Comparison Chart (Laser VS Traditional Methods)




Full-color LCD touch screen for easy navigation,equipped with smart software, easily guides dentists to the procedure of choice.
Super-capacity built-in information storage module.
Visual impact, compact, highly integrated andmodular design, lightweight, table-on, wall-mounted, hand held achieve movable and outdoor treatment come true.
Wireless foot pedal activation achieves laser move indifferent office and outdoor treatment, freedom to hold the handpiece anyway you like. One wireless foot pedal matches only one laser unit, avoid radio interference if several lasers at the same time work.


Power Supply:

Designed with battery and electric power supply (DC / AC),battery power life up to 3 – 4 hours, laser office move and outdoor treatment can be achieved.



High Intelligent Energy  Saving System

Design with efficient refrigeration system, dual plumbing system and multiple cooling vents design , make sure perfect cooling effect, maintain long-term continuous working, avoid overheating of the machine.


Simply Operating

24 Presets for General dentistry applications, Periodontics, Endodontics and Orthodontics
Extra customizable settings allow the clinician to select the procedure with a simple touch
Alternative manual adjustment of output power of laser by setting DAC data of input power



Security Design, Automatic Monitoring and Failure Alarm

Signal automatic identification system for fiber, foot switch, remote control switch connection, it alarms if improper or unnormal connection happens.Read-time detection and monitoring system for anomalies include battery power low,overtemperature, output power drifting, improper screen button touch etc., and providing alarms. If power derates, the laser system shuts off automatically to ensure securer  treatment.


Cross-infection Protection

Single-use Bendable Fiber Tips easy for use, nostripping fiber required, avoid cross-infection


Treatment handpiece



1, Use the wavelength of 808nm or 980nm which are within the biological cells' absorption peak range and have the best effect on human tissue surgery;
2, Use GaAs diode laser which has the advantages of few heat and power consumption, stable output power, long life and so on;
3, Use smooth cut end light guide fiber (a variety of fiber core diameters are optional), which is flexible in operation and easy to use;
4, Use programme built-in embedded chip, 7 inch color LCD touch resistive screen, man-machine interface for control system. It's reliable and easy to operate;
5, Have many output modes including continuous, repeated pulse and so on which are available for different surgery needs;
6, Have power detection system which can correct the power automatically according to user requirements;
7, Have fiber plug-in detection function. In order to prevent light-colored light, the fiber must be detected to make sure the therapeutic equipment can work properly;
8, Use 650nm red diode laser as aiming beam to facilitate positioning during physician's operation;
9, Have over-temperature protection, remote chain, emergency stop protection system;
10, Use wide voltage input which can be applied to the worldwide net power;
11, Desktop styling, compact, easy to move and carry <80%


Diode Laser Application

The application of diode laser includes 8 categories and total 24 treatment programs:


Laser type: GaAs diode laser
Laser wavelength: 808nm & 980nm
Laser mode: Multi mode
Output power : 0.5 ~ 4W ,0.5-7W continuously adjustable (808nm) 0.5-10W (980nm)
Divergence angle: ≤ 25 mrad
Power instability: ≤ ± 10%
Aiming beam: 650nm red diode laser, 3mW
Delivery system: Fiber: support the fiber with diameter of 200um, 300um,400um, 600um,800um, 1000um (optional). Standard configuration:400um fiber treatment handpiece (disposable fiber head), beam expand raying head for whitening.
Operation and control: Color touch screen, microcomputer control
Display: 7"resistance-type true color touch
Operation mode: Continuous output, repeated pulse output
T on: 25μs ~ 1000ms
T off:25μs ~ 1000ms
Frequency:1 ~ 20k Hz
Cooling system: TEC semiconductor cooling, heat pipe air cooling
screen Battery: Li-battery 4700mAh(8 hours standby time, 2 hours continuous working time)
Main body input voltage: DC 12V~17V
Input power: AC110V ~ 220V ± 20% 50Hz ~ 60Hz ± 1Hz
Battery input voltage: DC 18V~19.5V


What’s in the box ?

Rechargeable Battery
Wireless Foot Pedal
Protection Eyewear
Single-use Bendable Fiber-tips (400μm)
Power Adapter and Cable
Unifiber system: Handpiece and Fiber (400μm)
Bleaching Handpiece for option
Caution Sign
User’s Guide
Introductory DVD



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