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Electric centrifuge
Electric centrifuge
Electric centrifuge

Electric centrifuge

Model NO.:
USD 25.00-998.00 / piece
Minimum order quantity:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
1000 piece / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Classification:Laboratory Centrifuge
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Brand Name:Mecan
  • Model Number:MCL-80-1

Electric centrifuge


Product Description

What is the detail of our Electric centrifuge?

Centrifugal separation technology is a new technology developed according to the state of particles in a practical centrifuge. Particles of different densities, sizes, and shapes settle in centrifugation at different speeds, so a roughly spherical, heterogeneous mixture can be separated by centrifugation. The centrifuge is to separate a large number of substances without studying biochemistry. For example, collect cells, separate plasma, separate DNA and proteins from these purified formulations, and isolate viruses and large - scale e. coli.

What is the use safety instructions of our Electric centrifuge?

Remember to follow the following safety precautions when using this product:
1.Read all instructions.
2.The electrical rated parameters of the socket provided by the user shall not be less than the electrical rated parameters of the machine and have good grounding measures.
3.When replacing the fuse, pull the power plug out of the socket.
4.After the instrument breaks down, it should be repaired by professionals. The use of accessories not recommended by the manufacturer will cause certain quality problems.
5. When the rotor of the centrifuge is running, it is strictly forbidden to open the cover, and the rotor must be stopped completely. To open the cover to remove the centrifugal 

6. The instrument is strictly prohibited to move during operation.
7. All kinds of liquid or other sundries are strictly forbidden to enter the working room of the centrifuge, otherwise the main engine will be damaged.
8. Instruments in use, should be looked after.
9. The power should be cut off before cleaning the machine.
10. The instrument should be used in a dry environment to avoid accidents caused by damp.

How to maintain our Electric centrifuge?

1. Use the instrument correctly and pay attention to the maintenance of the instrument, make it in good working condition, can extend the service life of the instrument.
2. The instrument should be checked regularly three months during continuous operation:Check whether there is water drop, dirt, etc. falling into the motor and control assembly, check carbon brush, fuse, control assembly and fastening screw,After using for a period of time, if the speed of the centrifuge becomes slow, please check the carbon brush and replace it in time.(Replacement method: cut off the power, open the bottom plate, remove the circular plastic cap near the bottom of the motor, and replace the old carbon brush with the new one)
3. After long-term use of the instrument, natural wear is normal. If the machine is found to have abnormal noise, bearing wear of the motor, failure of electronic control components and other faults after one year of use, the company will continue to provide quality services and provide assistance


1. The instrument should be placed on a stable work table, the environment should be clean and tidy, temperature, humidity and good ventilation.
2. Set the speed adjustment knob to the minimum position before using the instrument.
The centrifugal tubes which need to be separated are inserted into the centrifugal tubes respectively. In order to make the instrument work smoothly. Avoid large vibrations. The material added to each centrifuge tube must be basically equal. And inserted symmetrically into the centrifugal tube. and then closed the cover plate.
4. Choose timing, the timing knob transferred to the"timing"or"ON"position.
5. Turn on the power supply and slowly adjust the speed control knob to the required speed.
6. Before the shutdown, the speed control knob must be placed in the minimum position to turn off the power switch and cut off the power supplyElectric centrifuge


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Electric centrifuge

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Electric centrifuge