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MCXA-PC14 0.025-0.03mmPb Intervenient Radiation Protective Gloves
MCXA-PC14 0.025-0.03mmPb Intervenient Radiation Protective Gloves

MCXA-PC14 0.025-0.03mmPb Intervenient Radiation Protective Gloves

Model NO.:
USD 160.00-990.00 / piece
Minimum order quantity:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
3000 piece / Month
Country of Origin:
Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Hongkong
Stock Time:
5-10 working days of Medical X-ray protective equ Days
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:MCXA-PC14
  • Brand Name:MeCan
  • Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories




Packaging & Shipping

0.025-0.03mmPb Intervenient Radiation Protective Gloves

Model:  MCXA-PC14

   The average attenuation equivalent is 0.025-0.03mmPb and the average thickness is 0.25-0.40mm.

PC14 Intervenient Radiation Protective Gloves (0.025-0.03mmPb) MCX-A009.jpg

Operation Manual of Interventional Radiological Protective Gloves
This is a new product developed and manufactured by the domestic radiological protective experts, Radiological Protective Device Quality Control Center of the Ministry of Health and our company. Adopting the advanced manufacturing procedure and scientific formula, it filled up a kind of blank for the protective products in China, and made the radiation operators in the field of interventional radiological diagnoses and treatment receive a good protection.

1 Application of the Product
It is used in the interventional radiological diagnoses and treatment, the diaplasis of fracture, taking out the foreign matters, the taxis of the indigitation, and near-operating-table operation, etc.
2 Applicability
It is mainly used to the protection to the hands of the radiation operators.
3 Performance
The average attenuation equivalent is 0.025-0.03mmPb and the average thickness is 0.25-0.40mm.
4 Usage
Open the package and check if there is a breach on the glove for fear to affect the use. In order to use it easily, every pair of gloves has some isolation pharmaceuticals. Before using the gloves, you can put some into them. If you need the disinfection when you want to use it for the second time, you can adopt the method of 120°C steam disinfection or the sterilization of epoxy ethane.
5 Attention
For fear to affect the usage, this product cannot touch with the acid or alkali goods, or disinfect by other methods. After each operation, it should be placed in a place of cool, well airy and without corrosive gas. The storage temperature is 5-40°C.




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1. From the Biomedical Engineer of Senegal.

hello, the installation of the RX unit was a success. all is ok and i have a very good picture.



2. From Dr. Salman Hasan, Doctor from Nigeria

Hello we have installed the radio and we are really satisfied with its operation.


3. From Dr. Emma Adapoe, Ghana, Africa.

 Mecan Medical Company Limited:

I have tried them for their honesty

I have tested their products for Good Quality

I have experienced their Good and and nice service and customer relations

I endorse Mecan because they stand the test of time.


Please contact us and let’s talk details for the MCXA-PC14 0.025-0.03mmPb Intervenient Radiation Protective Gloves



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