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Medical band-aid, fingertip bandages, waterproof
Medical band-aid, fingertip bandages, waterproof
Medical band-aid, fingertip bandages, waterproof
Medical band-aid, fingertip bandages, waterproof

Medical band-aid, fingertip bandages, waterproof

Model NO.:
USD 0.13-0.30 / pieces
Minimum order quantity:
50000 pieces
Supply Ability:
1000 pieces / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Properties:Medical Polymer Materials & Products
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:MeCan
  • Model Number:MCL-AB

Medical band-aid, fingertip bandages, waterproof


Product Description

What is feature of our Medical band-aid?

Product performance, main structure composition
This product is composed of the application pad, back paste and protective layer of contact wound surface (removed before application). No drugs. This product is provided in a non-sterile manner. The mushroom-shaped design can adapt to various stress requirements brought by the flexion, extension and rotation of the fingertips, ensuring that the flexible movement of the fingertips is not affected and the attachment itself is reliable.
Scope of application
This product is mainly used for the protection and prevention of minor injuries and scrapes in the superficial dermis and other superficial skin types, providing an environment for healing of superficial wounds and skin injuries. It is especially suitable for the protection and prevention of fingertips and surrounding skin damage.

Contraindications, matters needing attention, warnings and hints
-It is forbidden to use this product in allergic patients.
-This product is a sealed product. Do not use it if the wrapping paper is damaged or opened.
-Before using this product, the wound should be cleaned to avoid sweat and other factors affecting the stickiness of the product.
-If the hair around the wound is too long, please remove the first hair before using this product to prevent the second injury of the skin caused by the first adhesion.
-Before use, please disinfect the wound and choose the appropriate size of the wound patch according to the size of the wound.
-This product is a disposable product.
-After using this product, please throw it into the dustbin.
Before using this product, clean and disinfect the wound, tear off the wrapping paper, keep the neutral position of flexion and extension on part of the skin, aim the absorbent pad at the wound site, remove the left and right release paper successively and fix the position. Then gently press the surrounding parts to achieve the best paste. To protect wound hygiene, change at least once a day until the wound heals.waterproof bandages

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