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Medical high temperature sterilization equipment
Medical high temperature sterilization equipment
Medical high temperature sterilization equipment
Medical high temperature sterilization equipment
Medical high temperature sterilization equipment

Medical high temperature sterilization equipment

Model NO.:
USD 100.00-99999.00 / unit
Minimum order quantity:
1 unit
Supply Ability:
5000 unit / Month
Country of Origin:
Beijing,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai,Hong Kong
  • Type:Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:Mecan
  • Model Number:MCS-MJG

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Equipment


MCS-MJG-100,150,200L Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
 Model: MCS-MJG-100,150,200L







  • The technology can reach complete sterilization in 17 minutes (LK/MJG-50 bench top)

  • No booster needed

  • No need for gas pipe and related device like EtO sterilization

  • No hazardous residue for environment and human being

  • A new sterilization technology would dominate at least ten years in sterilization field

  • The chamber is vented and the products are removed with no residuals

  • Product can be used directly

  • Process temperatures can be set to between 35-55°C

  • Process parameters such as temperature, pressure, power, voltage are measured

  • Biological Indicator is Stearothermophilus Bacillus
    (ATCC7953 or SSIK31 strain)

  • Processing cycles are validated utilizing the system software features according to DIN EN ISO 14937




Performance Index

LK/MJG-50 (bench top)



Device Type

Class IIa

Class IIa

Class IIa

Total Volume




Available Volume




Power Supply


StandardSingle Phase

3 Wire System


StandardThree-Phase Five-Wire System

Duty Type

Short time loading, continuous duty

Sterilization Time

Short Cycle: 17mins

Standard Cycle: 31mins

Short Cycle: 31mins

Standard Cycle: 55mins

Short Cycle: 45mins

Standard Cycle: 70mins

Maximum Input Power




Constant Temperature Power




Standby Power

Approx. 25W

Approx. 160

Runtime Environment Temp


Runtime Environment Humidity


Environment Pressure


Installation Method

Bench top

Free standing with caster

Injection Method

Cassette with independent H2O2capsules


Short Cycle: 1.8ml/CycleStandard Cycle: 2.1ml/Cycle

Short Cycle: 2ml/CycleStandard Cycle: 4ml/Cycle

Short Cycle: 2ml/CycleStandard Cycle: 4ml/Cycle

Loads for Each Cassette

Short Cycle: 12 Cycles

Standard Cycle: 6 Cycles

Short Cycle: 6 CyclesStandard Cycle: 3 Cycles

Chamber Working Temperature


The Minimum Vacuum Degree




Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Equipment


Application Range

LK/MJG aims at reaching effective sterilization for metal and nonmetal instrument in low temperature. It is especially applicable for heat and humidity sensitive instrument because it works under dry and low temperature sterilization circumstance.

Materials and sizes of medical instruments could be sterilized in the sterilizer:

  • Stainless steel lumens with one end closed:

    diameter ≥1mm, length ≤300mm

  • Stainless steel lumens with open ends at both sides:

    diameter ≥1mm, length ≤600mm

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lumens with open ends at both sides:

    diameter ≥1mm, length ≤2000mm (NOTE:Flexible endoscopes NOT included.) 

    The sterilizer can sterilize 10 lumens in one load without any extra booster. 


Incompatible Instruments 

  • One-off articles.

  • Liquid or powder materials.

  • Hygroscopic articles or instruments.

  • Fibrin material & wood pulp material instruments like cotton, paper, cardboard, flax, gauze, sponge.

  • Paper statistical forms or mucilage glue labels.

  • Items with Nylon®exterior.

  • Vacuum-unbearable instruments.

  • Surface Extruded items.

  • Dead ends lumen instruments.

  • Instruments cannot be immersed, hard to clean or unsuitable.

  • Instrument trays other than provided by Laoken.

    ps.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                             Beside the Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer , we offer series Autoclave Sterilizer Equipment.


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