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Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin
Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin
Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin
Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin

Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin

Model NO.:
USD 49.00-3999.00 / piece
Minimum order quantity:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
1000 piece / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Subject:Medical Science
  • Type:Manikin
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:MCL-1037A
  • Brand Name:Mecan

Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin


Product Description

What is the Features of our Orgnophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin?

Whole adult male body, obvious anatomy mark, can touchpapilla, costa, sternum and xiphoid process, flexible joint can do various bodyposture.

Made in high polymer material, non-pollution, high skinemulation.

Tip size pupils


1. Supineposition, head can hypsokinesis to clear the foreign body in respiratory tract.

2.External chest compression is feasible.

3. Threevalid methods to open respiratory tract: looking up and lifting chin, lookingup and lifting neck, lifting jaw by both hands.

4. Variousventilation modes such as mouth to mouth, simply respirator and ventilator,etc. Valid artificial respiration can show thorax fluctuating

Nasal feeding: simulative gastric fluid can be extractedif correctly insert stomach tube.

Gastric lavage: Reality size transparent stomach, canoperate though mouth and nose by gastric lavage apparatus and stomach tube.

Urinary catheterization: male and female genitals areinterchangeable.

Blood pressure measurement on left arm, can set upsystolic pressure, diastolic pressure and heart rate.

Intravenous injection: Can use different puncture needlefor training,will be empty feeling when puncturing;will be health regenerationif correctly puncturing and can do the transfusion practice, etc.

Intravenous injection , Intramuscular injection andhypodermic injection can be placed.Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency ManikinOrganophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin

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Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin

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Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin 

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Organophosphorus Poisoning Emergency Manikin