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Small Transport Medical Portable Ventilator
Small Transport Medical Portable Ventilator
Small Transport Medical Portable Ventilator

Small Transport Medical Portable Ventilator

Model NO.:
USD 1000.00-13000.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
3000 set / Month
Country of Origin:
Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong
Stock Time:
8~12 Working Days for the Ventilators for hospital Days
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:MC-2000B
  • Brand Name:MeCan (medical airway ventilator)
  • Type:Breathing Apparatus
  • Instrument classification:Class II

Small Transport Medical Portable Ventilator

Model :MC-2000B



Portable, suitable for children or adult, can be widely used in hospital room, ICU or emergency room. Including IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, SIGH, MANUAL, PEEP etc. functions. High-resolution 5.7″ LCD, real-time parameters display, such as pressure/time and flow-speed/time waves etc. Including manual ventilator. Optional oxygen bridge, oxygen cylinder, test lung.


Display mode

    5.7 high-definition LCD display

Ventilation mode


ventilation parameters

    50 ~ 1500 ml tidal volume

    Frequency of 2 to 99 times / min

    SIMV frequency 1 ~ 20 times / min

    Absorption ratio of 2:1 ~ 1:8 Call

    Inspiratory trigger pressure of -1.0 ~ 2.0 kPa

    PEEP 0 ~ 2.0 kPa

    Pressure limit 1.0 ~ 6.0 kPa

    Sigh inspiratory time 1.5 times


Ventilation monitoring

    Tidal volume, ventilation, IPPV frequency, SIMV frequency, total respiratory rate, ratio, peak airway pressure, pressure - time waveform, flow rate - the time wave, positive end expiratory pressure, inspiratory trigger pressure

Security Alarm System

    Airway pressure alarm limit setting range of 1.0 ~ 6.0 kPa

                        Lower limit range of 0.4 ~ 2.0 kPa

    Minute ventilation alarm limit setting range 3.0 ~ 30 L / min

                          Limit setting range 1.0 ~ 10 L / min

    High pressure continued to alarm when the alarm has been higher than 2.5 kPa

    Suffocation alarm input 15s without tidal volume, the sound, light alarm

    Power failure alarm

Power Supply AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1Hz

                        UPS power supply, battery



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