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Veterinary body temperature management surgery intensive care unit
Veterinary body temperature management surgery intensive care unit

Veterinary body temperature management surgery intensive care unit

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  • Place of Origin:CN
  • Brand Name:MeCan
  • Model Number:MC-1901

Veterinary body temperature management surgery intensive care unit  MC-1901

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Widely used for Normothermia maintenance, fluid transfusion, oxygen supplement, blue light therapy, nebulization treatment, emergency rescue, and in house observation.
Convenient self-diagnostic and all the components are easy to be replaced.
Safer as a result of power supply failure protection and ventilation fan control.
Creating a friendly medical circumstance by Ultra Violet Sterilization, High Concentration Negative Ion Air Purification, Temperature and Humidity Control, Carbon Dioxide Monitoring and Removal, Oxygen Concentration and Medical Nebulizer.
Four separately controlled compartments provide specialized and individual cooling and
Two medium compartments on top tier, one large compartment on bottom tier which could be divided into two medium compartments when needed.
Operating History Documenting Temperature, Humidity, C02 Density and O2 Density, displayed in intuitive curves, providing up to 72 hours maximum tracking.
Designed for the mounting all necessary accessories, such as IV pole, infusion pump, syringe pump, monitor, and door shade curtain.

5Wx3'Dx6'H Approx.
1 Heating & Cooling Equipment
2 Ultraviolet Sterilization Light
3 Vent Door
4 Functional Door
5 Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System
6 Central Divider
7 3 Way Rumination System
8 Four Directional Heating & Ventilation System
9 Fiber (Vent)
10 Negative Ion Generator
11 Emergency Vent
12 Filter (Vent)
13 Built-in Printer
14 Nebulization Compartment
15 Smart Control LCD Torch Screen
16 Oxygen Flow Meter

Stainless Steel Intensive Care Unit

An inexpensive but still professional solution for animal body temperature management or for intensive cares service.
Precision temperature control with only 0.1 degrees tolerance provides a safe and comfortable warm environment for sick animals.
Full sealed front door with oxygen inlet access, very helpful for oxygen treatment.
Controllable ventilation on front door too, allowing fast fresh air ventilation when needed.
Digital real time temperature and humidity display on front door too.
Two sizes available now, medium measures 65cmL-66cmD-79crnH andlarge is 130cmL-66cmD-100cmH, with varied combinations.