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1.5 Tesla MRI Systems for Medical Imaging

Introducing our MCI026 state-of-the-art 1.5 Tesla MRI System, a pinnacle of imaging excellence designed to cater to both user concerns and patient comfort.
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  • MCI026

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 MCI026 1.5 Tesla MRI System:

Introducing our state-of-the-art 1.5 Tesla MRI System, a pinnacle of imaging excellence designed to cater to both user concerns and patient comfort. This latest-generation superconducting MRI system draws on over 30 years of research and development expertise, featuring upgraded hardware and software platforms infused with cutting-edge A-combi and Al technologies.

1.5 tesla mri system-mri-CHina


1.5 Tesla MRI System Features:

1. Superconducting Magnet Excellence:

Our 1.5 Tesla MRI System boasts a short-bore superconducting magnet, ensuring high magnetic field uniformity. This enables rapid imaging with a large field of view (FOV) and superior fat suppression imaging. The implementation of "zero" boil-off technology with a "4K" cold head enhances stability without the need for liquid helium refilling.

2. Silent Scanning Technology:

Embracing user-friendly design, our system incorporates Silent Scanning Technology, providing pulse sequences with lower noise levels. This significantly reduces patient irritability, contributing to a more comfortable scanning experience.

3. Speed Efficient Concern Dual-Engine Parallel Acquisition:

Utilizing dual-engine parallel acquisition technique, our MRI system integrates Parallel Acquisition Technology (PAT). This accelerates acquisition speed by reducing the number of phase coding, maintaining high image quality and spatial resolution.

4. A-combi Al Technologies:

Innovating with A-combi Al Technologies, our 1.5 Tesla MRI System introduces advanced coil integration and Artificial Intelligence (Al) technology. A-combi allows seamless MRI daily applications, enabling scans of multiple body parts without patient repositioning. Al technology enhances productivity, consistency, and efficiency, offering features like Intelligent Alignment, Al Stitching, Al De-noising, and online Elastic Motion Correction (EMC) for dynamic enhancement applications.

5. High-Level Application Concern:

Our system offers comprehensive consideration for high-level applications, ensuring profitability for your business. Some applications, typically accessible only on 3T systems, are now available on the 1.5 Tesla MRI System.

1.5 tesla mri system space

Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the 1.5 Tesla MRI System, a testament to innovation, speed, and efficiency. Contact us for more information on how this advanced MRI system can reshape your imaging practices.