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100mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard

100mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard Made from high-quality, shock-absorbing materials,
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  • MCF8025

  • MeCan

100mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard for Hospital Corridors

Product Description:

Safeguard your facility’s walls with our 100mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard, engineered to deliver superior impact resistance in high-traffic areas. Designed specifically for hospitals and similar environments, these wall guards are essential for protecting walls from damaga caused by rolling equipment like wheelchairs, beds, utility carts, and trolleys. Crafted from robust materials, these guards are built to endure the rigors of everyday use while offering a sleek and professional appearance that complements any corridor or hallway.

Product Information:

Aluminum Retainer Thickness: 1.2mm / 1.6mm

Vinyl Cover Thickness: 2mm

Standard Length: 5 meters per piece

Width: 100mm

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 240 meters

Color Options: Customizable to suit your facility's aesthetic needs


  1. High Impact Resistance: Constructed to withstand significant impacts, these wall guards protect against damage caused by frequent contact with rolling equipment, ensuring the longevity and cleanliness of your walls.

  2. Durable Materials: Featuring a sturdy aluminum retainer with a thickness of 1.2mm or 1.6mm, combined with a durable 2mm vinyl cover, these guards are designed to endure heavy use in high-traffic areas.

  3. Standard Size for Extensive Coverage: Available in standard 5-meter lengths and a width of 100mm, providing ample coverage and protection for extensive wall areas in corridors and hallways.

  4. Customizable Color Options: The vinyl cover can be customized in a variety of colors to match or complement your facility's interior design, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  5. Essential Protection for High-Traffic Areas: Ideal for hospital corridors and other busy environments where walls are prone to frequent contact with mobile equipment, minimizing maintenance and repair costs.

  6. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for straightforward installation, these wall guards provide quick and effective protection without significant disruption. They are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they remain effective and visually appealing over time.

Why Choose Our 100mm Anti-Shock Wall Guards?

  • Optimal Wall Protection: Protects against the constant wear and tear in high-traffic hospital corridors, reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintaining the integrity of your walls.

  • Customizable to Your Needs: Available in various colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the best fit for your facilitys aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Durable and Reliable: Made from high-quality materials, our wall guards are designed to last, offering reliable protection day in and day out.

  • Enhances Facility Safety and Appearance: Not only do they protect walls from damage, but they also provide a clean and professional look that enhances the overall appearance of your corridors.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: By preventing wall damage, these guards help you save on maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective investment for your facility.

Equip your hospital corridors with our 100mm Anti-Shock Wall Guards, designed for superior impact resistance and protection in high-traffic areas. These wall guards are perfect for shielding walls from damage caused by rolling equipment such as wheelchairs, beds, and carts. Made from durable materials including a robust aluminum retainer and a thick vinyl cover, they are built to withstand heavy use. Customizable in color to match your facility’s decor, these wall guards offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Easy to install and maintain, they are the ideal solution for keeping your corridors protected and looking pristine.