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12-Lead Dynamic ECG Systems

Experience superior cardiac monitoring with our Dynamic ECG Systems. This portable 12-lead ECG system ensures comprehensive and reliable heart health assessment on-the-go.
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  • MCS0201

  • MeCan


 Dynamic ECG Systems Description

The Dynamic ECG System is a cutting-edge solution for comprehensive ECG monitoring in both clinical and portable settings. With a compact design and OLED display, this system ensures convenience without compromising on functionality.

12-Lead Dynamic ECG Systems - MeCanMedical

 Recorder Features:

  1. Compact Design: The ECG system is crafted for portability, making it suitable for various healthcare environments.

  2. Clear OLED Display: The system features an OLED display for easy and accurate waveform visualization.

  3. Event Marking: A user-friendly function for marking events during ECG recordings, enhancing data interpretation.

  4. Removable TF Card: The system supports TF cards with up to 2GB capacity, ensuring ample storage for extended monitoring.

  5. Battery Powered: Operating on a single "AAA" size battery, it offers a remarkable 48-hour data collection period.

  6. Synchronized 12-Lead Collection: Ten electrodes work synchronously to collect precise 12-lead ECG data.

Software Features:

  1. Advanced 12-Lead Synchro Analysis: The system employs QRS search for precise and reliable analysis.

  2. Template Library: Featuring over 10 templates, including atrial and ventricular premature beats, long intervals, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, and customizable templates.

  3. Flexible Atrial Fibrillation Analysis: Offering various analysis options, including automatic, segmented automatic, and manual, ensuring speed and accuracy.

  4. Powerful Pacemaker Analysis: Capable of analyzing various pacemaker types, including AAI, VVI, DDD, and more.

  5. Fast Waveform Review: Allows convenient and rapid review of single lead or 12-lead ECG at any time.

  6. Heart Rate Variability Analysis: Provides comprehensive heart rate variability analysis for short-range (5 minutes), long-range (1 hour), and full analysis.

  7. One-Stop Printing: Streamlined printing process for quick and efficient report generation.

  8. Predictive Analysis: Unique features like Heart Rate Turbulence and T Wave Alternation for enhanced risk prediction and arrhythmia prevention.

  9. Additional Functionalities: VCG, VLP, TVCG, and QTD analysis for a more in-depth understanding, ensuring a comprehensive and insightful report.


 Dynamic ECG Systems Specification

Dynamic ECG Systems specification

The Dynamic ECG System combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features, offering healthcare professionals a reliable tool for accurate ECG monitoring and analysis.