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120mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard

120mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard Constructed from durable, impact-resistant materials
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  • MCF8027

  • MeCan

120mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard for Hospital Protection

Model: MCF8027

Product Description:

Enhance the safety and durability of your hospital corridors with our 120mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard. Expertly designed to provide superior protection, these wall guards are perfect for high-traffic environments where walls are frequently exposed to impacts from trolleys, wheelchairs, and other equipment. Combining a robust metal structure with a warm, vinyl resin surface, they offer not only high strength but also a comfortable, non-cold touch. Available in a wide range of 56 colors, they can be tailored to create the perfect aesthetic for any space.

120mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard

Product Information:

Material Strength: High-quality metal structure with a comforting vinyl resin surface.

Color Options: 56 customizable colors to perfectly match your space.

Sales Network: Widely distributed across the country and exported to Europe, America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, and more.

Aluminum Retainer Thickness: 1.4mm

Vinyl Cover Thickness: 2mm

Standard Length: 5 meters per piece

Width: 120mm

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 240 meters


  1. Durable Metal Structure: Built with a robust 1.4mm thick aluminum retainer, ensuring long-lasting strength and protection against impacts and collisions.

  2. Comfortable Vinyl Resin Surface: The 2mm thick vinyl cover provides a warm, non-cold touch, making it comfortable for users while protecting the wall from damage.

  3. Wide Range of Color Options: Available in 56 colors, allowing you to create the ideal aesthetic and perfectly match or complement your facilitys design.

  4. Comprehensive Wall Protection: Designed to shield walls from the impacts of frequent contact with rolling equipment and pedestrians, maintaining the integrity and appearance of high-traffic areas.

  5. Global Reach and Trusted Quality: With a strong sales network covering domestic and international markets, including Europe, America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Russia, our products are trusted globally for their quality and performance.

  6. Easy to Install and Maintain: Simple installation process and low maintenance requirements make these wall guards a practical choice for any hospital or high-traffic facility.

Why Choose Our 120mm Anti-Shock Wall Guards?

Optimal Protection for High-Traffic Areas: Essential for preventing wall damage in busy corridors, reducing the need for frequent repairs, and keeping your facility looking pristine.

Customizable to Your Design Needs: With 56 color options, you can easily find the perfect match for your facilitys decor, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

Comfort and Safety Combined: The vinyl surface ensures a comfortable, non-cold touch, providing both safety and comfort for patients, staff, and visitors.

Proven Durability and Global Trust: Our products are built to last, with a strong presence in markets worldwide, ensuring you receive a reliable and trusted solution.

Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance: Protecting your walls effectively reduces long-term maintenance costs, making these wall guards a smart investment for any facility.

Protect your hospital corridors with our 120mm Anti-Shock Wall Guards, designed to offer exceptional durability and impact resistance. Ideal for high-traffic areas, these wall guards prevent damage from wheelchairs, trolleys, and pedestrian traffic. Crafted from a sturdy metal structure with a comforting vinyl resin surface, they ensure long-lasting protection and a comfortable touch. Available in 56 customizable colors, they can be tailored to fit any decor. Widely used across the globe, our wall guards are trusted for their quality and performance. Choose our wall guards for a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to maintain the integrity and appearance of your facility.