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Professional 128-Slice CT Scanner Wholesale | MeCan Medical

The MeCan MCI0760 128 slice ct scanner was designed to offer more healthcare services for an increasing number of patients. Its high-end platform and powerful hardware deliver high-definition routine scanning and CTA imaging with the high patient throughout. Efficient workflow, intelligent applications, and reliable performance make the MeCan MCI0760 128 slice ct scanner the good choice for your

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  • MCI0760

  • MeCan

Professional 128-Slice CT Scanner

Model: MCI0760

The 128 Slice CT Scanners are advanced medical CT systems integrating cutting-edge technologies. With a unique 32-row submillimeter detector design, it achieves fast scan and high-quality images. The 50KW high-capacity X-ray tube and 5.3MHU tube heat capacity ensure a long and stable lifespan. The full-scale low dose solutions can minimize patient radiation exposure without compromising diagnostic image quality. The comprehensive clinical applications fulfill demands of complex imaging tasks.

128-Slice CT Scanner benefits

  • Properties: Medical MRI Equipments

  • Place of Origin: CN;GUA

  • Instrument classification: Class II

  • Brand Name: Mecan

  • Model Number: MCI0760

Key Features and Benefits about this 128-slice CT Machine:

  1. 128-slice Technology:

    With up to 128 rows of detectors, 128-slice CT can rotate the target area of the body by 128 degrees in a single rapid scan, resulting in more detailed and clearer cross-sectional images of the body. Compared to the conventional 64-slice CT, 128-slice CT is faster, provides better scanning of moving parts, and can obtain the same high quality images with a lower radiation dose. This means that 128-slice CT can more accurately diagnose conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and trauma.

  2. 32-row Submillimeter Detector:

    The detector of this 128-slice CT is a unique 32-row sub-millimeter plasma design. This detector has a coverage width of 20mm in a single row, and a total of 32 rows of such detectors, which greatly improves the coverage area. Compared with the conventional 8-row detector, the 32-row design can obtain more images of a lesion in the same amount of time, significantly increasing scanning speed and efficiency. The detector also improves the spatial resolution of the scan, allowing for finer and clearer images of human tissue.

  3. 5.3MHU Tube Heat Capacity:

    The 50KW high-capacity generator and the 5.3MHU X-ray tube ensure stable and durable performance for the long term.

  4. Full-scale Low Dose Solutions:

    Unique O-dose platform and advanced iterative reconstruction algorithm, patient dose can be minimized without a compromise in diagnostic quality

  5. Comprehensive Clinical Applications:

    Fully integrated image processing workstation satisfies various complex clinical application demands.

After-sales Service of 128-Slice CT Scanner:

  1. Remote technical support: Immediately connect with manufacturer's expertise to troubleshoot issues timely.

  2. Proactive maintenance: Early identify potential problems and eliminate hidden dangers to minimize downtime.

  3. Global logistics network: Ensure smooth delivery of parts and quick response.


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