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12-inch Portable Patient Monitor

MeCans portable patient monitor delivers accurate and continuous vital signs monitoring for patients, wherever you need it. Designed for professionals seeking reliable monitoring during exams, surgeries, and recovery.
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  • MCS1530

  • MeCan


 Portable Patient Monitor Overview

The Portable Patient Monitor offers advanced monitoring capabilities in a compact design, making it an ideal solution for on-the-go patient care. This versatile monitor combines robust features with real-time data analysis to ensure accurate and efficient monitoring, enhancing healthcare delivery.

Portable Patient Monitor use for surgery-supplier in China


 Portable Patient Monitor Feature

1. Arrhythmic Analysis:

Detect and analyze 13 types of arrhythmias for comprehensive patient assessment.

2. Multi-Lead ECG Waveforms:

Display multi-lead ECG waveforms in phase, providing a comprehensive view of cardiac activity.

3. Real-Time S_T Segment Analysis:

Monitor real-time S_T segment changes for timely intervention.

4. Pacemaker Detection:

Identify pacemaker signals, aiding in patient management.

5. Drug Calculation and Titration:

Facilitates accurate drug calculation and titration for optimal treatment.

6. Interference Resistance:

Effectively resists interference from defibrillators and electrosurgical cautery, ensuring reliable data.

7. SPO2 Testing:

Precise SPO2 testing down to 0.1% sensitivity, even for weak signals.

8. RA-LL Impedance Respiration:

Monitor respiration using RA-LL impedance method.

9. Networking Capacity:

Enables seamless data sharing through networking capabilities.

10. Dynamic Waveform Capture:

Capture dynamic waveforms for comprehensive patient data analysis.

11. Long Battery Life:

Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous use.

12. High-Resolution Display:

A 15" high-resolution color TFT LCD display ensures clear visualization of patient data.

13. Anti-ESU and Anti-Defibrillator:

Designed to resist interference from electrosurgical units and defibrillators.


 Application Scenarios

  • Emergency Medical Services: The portable monitor is essential for monitoring patients in emergency situations, ensuring accurate real-time data for timely interventions.

  • Critical Care Units: In critical care units, the monitor's advanced features aid healthcare professionals in making informed decisions for patients in unstable conditions.

  • Mobile Clinics: Portable and compact, the monitor is ideal for mobile clinics, enabling comprehensive patient monitoring in remote locations.

  • Transportation: During patient transportation, the monitor provides continuous monitoring, ensuring patient safety and effective treatment during transit.