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150mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard

150mm anti-shock hospital PVC wall guard Ideal for high-traffic healthcare areas
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  • MCF8024

  • MeCan

150mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard with PVC Cover for Hospital Protection

Model: MCF8024

Product Description:

Introducing our 150mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard, specifically designed to provide superior protection and safety for hospital environments. These wall guards combine high-strength metal structures with warm, non-cold PVC resin covers, ensuring both durability and comfort. Ideal for high-traffic areas, they protect walls from impacts and provide safe support for pedestrians. Available in 56 customizable colors, these wall guards can enhance any hospital’s aesthetic while offering robust wall protection. Widely trusted and distributed globally, they are a perfect choice for maintaining the integrity of your facility.

150mm Anti-Shock Wall Guard

Product Information:

Material Strength: High-quality metal structure with a comforting PVC resin surface.

Color Options: 56 customizable colors to create the perfect aesthetic.

Global Reach: Extensively distributed across the country and exported to Europe, America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, and other regions.

Size: 150mm width

Customization: Available in various lengths and colors to meet your specific requirements.


  1. High-Strength Metal Structure: Constructed with durable metal that provides exceptional strength and resistance to impacts and collisions.

  2. Comfortable PVC Resin Cover: The PVC surface offers a warm, non-cold touch, making it comfortable for patients and staff, and protecting walls from damage.

  3. Wide Range of Color Choices: Choose from 56 colors to perfectly match your hospital’s decor and create a cohesive and inviting environment.

  4. Effective Wall Protection: Designed to shield walls in high-traffic areas from frequent impacts by wheelchairs, trolleys, and other equipment, reducing maintenance costs and maintaining the facility’s appearance.

  5. Global Trust and Distribution: With a strong presence in both domestic and international markets, our wall guards are trusted worldwide for their quality and performance.

  6. Easy Installation and Low Maintenance: Simple to install and maintain, these wall guards offer a practical solution for busy hospital environments.

Why Choose Our 150mm Anti-Shock Wall Guards?

Superior Protection for High-Traffic Areas: Essential for protecting walls from damage in busy corridors and public areas, minimizing the need for frequent repairs.

Customizable to Fit Your Space: Available in 56 colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your hospital’s decor and enhancing the overall look.

Combining Comfort and Safety: The PVC cover provides a comfortable, non-cold touch, ensuring safety and comfort for all users.

Reliable and Globally Recognized Quality: Our wall guards are widely used and trusted around the world, ensuring you receive a dependable solution.

Cost-Effective Protection: Effective wall protection reduces long-term maintenance costs, making these wall guards a smart and economical choice.

Enhance your hospital’s safety and aesthetics with our 150mm Anti-Shock Wall Guards. Designed to provide robust protection in high-traffic areas, these wall guards prevent damage from impacts and collisions. Featuring a durable metal structure covered with a comfortable PVC resin, they ensure long-lasting performance and a pleasant touch. Available in 56 customizable colors, they can seamlessly blend into any hospital decor. Trusted and distributed globally, our wall guards are a reliable choice for maintaining the integrity of your facility. Choose our 150mm Anti-Shock Wall Guards for effective, low-maintenance wall protection that enhances both functionality and visual appeal.