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High Quality 3D Anatomy Skin Structure Model Wholesale - Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited

MeCan Medical High Quality 3D Anatomy Skin Structure Model Wholesale - Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited,OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements, we are in it more than 15 years, we are very professional and we will provide the best service to you.

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  • Subject:Medical Science

  • Type:Anatomical Model

  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA

  • Model Number:MC-YA/HB101

  • Brand Name:Mecan

3D Anatomy Skin Structure Model

Model: MC-YA/HB101


Product Description

What is the detail of our anatomy skin model?

Artery and Vein Structure Model

3d skin model.jpg

An important support for understanding the difference between artery and vein histology. In this single-piece model one artery and two veins are represented in great detail. One vein is longitudinally sectioned to show the closed and open venous valves; the artery and the right vein are cross-sectioned so the different layers, such as tunica media, elastic membrane and tunica adventitia, can be easily recognized. 20X life size.

Size:25*10*55cm,        Weight:2.7kgs



MC-YA/HB111 Gastroenterological Endoscope Model

skin structure model .jpg

3 parts models to show  Gastroenterological Endoscope inner structure.




MC-YA/HB131 Human Tongue Model

skin structure model.jpg

About 20x life size. Histological features of the tongue are shown, including taste buds, lingual and mucous glands, and fine structure of the musculature. A separate life-sized model of the intact tongue - featuring the palatine and lingual tonsils and the epiglottis - is included. Mounted on a durable polymer base. 

Size:33*23*11cm,           Weight:2.8kgs




MC-YA/HB133 Mitosis Model

anatomy skin model.jpg

The mitosis contains 8 models to show its whole dividing course. The 1st model shows the normal nucleus model. The 2nd and 3rd models show that there is not homologous chromosomes changing which means mitosis. From the 4th model, it begins to demonstrate the mitosis course. Centromere is not on the metaphase plate which is pre-period of mitosis, then centromeres are lined regularly on the metaphase plate which is middle period of mitosis. The 7th model shows the new two nucleus are still not created which is anterior period of mitosis and the last model shows the new two nucleus have been finished which is end period of mitosis. This is the whole developing course of mitosis.



MC-YA/HB134 Meiosis Model

anatomy skin model .jpg

The meiosis model contains 9 models. The 1st and 2nd models show there are homologous chromosomes changing, which is the 1st division of meiosis. The 3rd model shows chromosomes pairing but cannot tell sister chromatid, which is meiosis joint period. In the 4th model, 4 chromatids can be seen in the paired chromosomes, which is four division period of meiosis. In 5th model, centromeres are located near two sides of metaphase plate which means tetrad are on the metaphase plate, which is middle period of meiosis I. In 6th model, centromeres move to the two poles from the metaphase plate, which is anterior period of meiosis I. In 7th model, centromeres which are not on the metaphase plate begin to be lined on the plate, which is pre-period and mid-period of meiosis II. In the 8th model, the new two nucleus are not formed yet, which is anterior period of meiosis. In the 9th model, the two nucleus have been formed which is the end period of meiosis.


3d skin model

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