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5.6kW Portable X-ray Machine with Touch Screen

5.6kW Portable X-ray Machine with Touch Screen offers efficient imaging for horses, dogs, cats, and tortoises, and mainly applied to orthopaedic hospital and animal hospital.
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  • MX-V056A13

  • MeCan

5.6kW Portable X-ray Machine with Touch Screen -05.05

Model: MX-V056A13

5.6kW Portable X-ray Machine1.1


With soft switching technology, high switching frequency, and integrated APFC, our machine reduces noise and heat generation for patient and operator comfort. Filament automatic calibration, dual-filament automatic selection, and complete fault diagnosis ensure easy use and maintenance. The machine is remotely controllable and has a portable and foldable design for convenience. With an exposure of up to 5.6kW and 320mAs, and a high power density of up to 275W/L, our X-ray machine provides efficient and accurate imaging.

Features of 5.6kW Portable X-ray Machine with Touch Screen

1. Wide range AC input with APFC integrated.
2. Soft switching technology, switching frequency is up to 200KHz.
3. Support 5.6kW and 320mAs exposure.
4. Support remote monitor with wireless communication integrated.
5. Power density up to 275W/L.
6. High degree of software intelligence:filament automatic calibration, dual-filament automatic selection and complete fault diagnosis.
7. Operator panel seperated as human and veterinary according to different purpose.
8. 10.4 inch LCD screen
10. 16 preset parameters
11. Convenient for doctor
12. 14.5kg X-ray
13. Portable and convenient
14. Remote Control Exposure
15. Horse, dog and cat can be changing-over
16. Legs can be extendabled, computer tray and frame can be folded, the loading size: 132*74*66cm, it is can be loaded in the Ambulance and SUV Cars.

Features of 5.6KW Touch Screen Mobile X-Ray Machine

Specification of our Portable Vet X-ray Machine:



Power Supply

Single-phase 220V 50/60Hz (wire diameter>4mm2,internal resistance<0.5Ω),

Working Frequency








Exposure time


Tube focus


Anode heat capacity


Mobile x ray stand


Specification of our Portable Vet X-ray Machine:

Excellent Images of Wired Flat Panel Detector for Animal


Q1: Is the 5.6KW Vet DR X-Ray System portable?

A1: Yes, it is portable and weighs only 14.5kg, with extendable legs and a computer tray and frame. The system's loading size is 1327466cm, making it easy to load into ambulances and SUV cars.

Q2: What kind of animals is this system suitable for?

A2: This system is suitable for use on horses, dogs, cats, tortoises, etc, It makes it an essential tool for veterinarians.

Q3: Does the system come with a remote control?

A3: Yes, the system supports remote control exposure with wireless communication integrated.