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5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer

MeCan 5-part auto hematology analyzer Ideal for hospitals, clinical labs, and diagnostic centers
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  • MCL3109

  • MeCan

Product Description:

MeCan MCL3109 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer delivers advanced blood analysis with a focus on a 5-part differential of white blood cells (WBC). Designed with dual chamber technology for WBC and RBC/PLT, this analyzer ensures accurate and efficient results. Ideal for clinical laboratories, it combines high throughput with user-friendly features and robust data storage capabilities.

Key Features:

5-Part Differential of WBC: Precise differentiation of white blood cells into five parts for detailed analysis.

Dual Chambers: Separate chambers for WBC and RBC/PLT analysis, enhancing measurement accuracy.

Comprehensive Parameters: Provides 27 parameters, 4 histograms, and 1 scatter diagram for thorough blood analysis.

High Throughput: Processes up to 90 samples per hour, making it suitable for high-volume laboratory environments.

Touch Screen Display: Intuitive touch screen interface for easy operation and quick access to functions.

Large Storage Capacity: Stores up to 100,000 results with graphs, enabling extensive data management.

Optional Barcode Scanner: Facilitates efficient data entry and reduces manual input errors.

Compact and Sturdy: Dimensions of 53.2 x 40.0 x 52.0 cm and a weight of 28 kg, ensuring it fits well in various lab settings.

Technical Data:

WBC Differential: 5-part

Parameters: 27 parameters + 4 histograms + 1 scatter diagram

Throughput: Up to 90 samples/hour

Display: Touch screen

Storage Capacity: Up to 100,000 results with graphs

Barcode Scanner: Optional

Dimensions: 53.2 x 40.0 x 52.0 cm

Weight: 28 kg

Why Choose MeCan 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer?

MeCan 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer stands out with its advanced 5-part WBC differential and dual chamber technology, ensuring accurate and reliable blood analysis. With a high throughput of up to 90 samples per hour, extensive storage capacity, and a user-friendly touch screen display, it is an excellent choice for laboratories seeking efficiency and precision. The optional barcode scanner further enhances workflow efficiency, making it a comprehensive solution for hematological analysis.

The 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer provides precise and efficient blood analysis with a focus on 5-part WBC differential. Featuring dual chambers for WBC and RBC/PLT, it offers 27 parameters, 4 histograms, and 1 scatter diagram. This analyzer processes up to 90 samples per hour and includes a touch screen display for ease of use. With a storage capacity of up to 100,000 results and an optional barcode scanner, it ensures streamlined data management. Its compact size (53.2 x 40.0 x 52.0 cm) and sturdy design (28 kg) make it suitable for various lab environments.