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Automatic Tourniquet system

Discover precision and convenience with our automatic tourniquet system. This electronic tourniquet system ensures advanced control for efficient medical procedures.
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  • MCS1428

  • MeCan


 Automatic Tourniquet System Description

Introducing our cutting-edge Automatic Tourniquet System, a revolutionary device designed to enhance surgical procedures and post-operative care. This system, referred to as the Electronic Tourniquet System, offers a range of features to optimize surgical processes while prioritizing patient safety.

Automatic Tourniquet system

Automatic Tourniquet System Features:

  1. Automated Parameter Memory: The system intelligently memorizes parameters set in the last surgery automatically, streamlining the setup for subsequent procedures.

  2. Sophisticated Alarms: Advanced alarms provide enhanced warning messages, ensuring optimal awareness during surgeries. Alarms include reminders at 10 mins, 5 mins, and 1 min before surgery completion, as well as continual alerts at the end of the surgery.

  3. Pressure Monitoring and Adjustment: Real-time detection of air pressure in hemostasia cuffs allows for precise adjustments to prevent over-pressure and under-pressure situations, ensuring a stable pressure value throughout the procedure.

  4. Programmable Settings: The tourniquet can be programmed to meet specific operation and post-operation requirements by setting parameters such as START DELAY and DURATION.

  5. Power Failure Safety: Even in the event of a sudden power loss, the machine maintains pressure in hemostasia cuffs, allowing surgeries to proceed smoothly and ensuring patient safety.

  6. Deflation Ladder: The system includes a deflation ladder that operates at the end of the surgery or by pressing the "Deflation" button, preventing sudden heart and brain ischemia.

  7. User-Friendly Interface: An elegant, soft keypad allows easy dialing of settings and parameters, contributing to a user-friendly and efficient operation.

  8. Elapsed Time Display: The elapsed time of the operation is prominently displayed in a minute:second format, providing continuous awareness to the surgical team.

  9. Compact and Lightweight: The unit is designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring ease of use and portability.

Automatic Tourniquet system double channel

The Automatic Tourniquet System is not just a device; it's a leap forward in surgical technology, offering precision, safety, and ease of use.