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China Port Visa! Pazhou Ferry Terminal to issue visas on arrival during the 133rd Canton Fair

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The Pazhou Ferry Terminal in Haizhu district of Guangzhou, which is about 8 minutes walk from the Canton Fair Complex, will be temporarily open during the upcoming Canton Fair. The visa-on-arrival service will also be available at the Terminal from April 15, said Luo Zheng, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau, at a press conference held on April 12. Passengers do not need to go through immigration clearance upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport.


(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

After the implementation of the policy, April 15, 5 p.m., Pazhou Ferry Terminal ushered in the first "visa-on-arrival" of overseas businessmen.

The French businessman Millet Laurent told the whole media reporter, he is the Canton Fair buyers, before leaving to Guangzhou only to find that the passport visa expired, too late to apply for a visa outside the country, fortunately, a friend in Guangzhou told him that the azhou Ferry Terminal during the Canton Fair has a port visa services. He made a pre-application online, directly from Hong Kong, China's China Hong Kong City Ferry Terminal to Pazhou Ferry Terminal by boat.


Fill in the form, submit the information, review, take photos and pay the fee ...... In about half an hour, Millet Laurent's visa was processed. He said that thanks to the port visa service, otherwise he would not be able to attend the Canton Fair in time, and he expected to stay in Guangzhou for 10 days this visit.

(The above information is quoted from the official Chinese news)


The specific content of this policy is related to the resumption of the 144-hour visa-free policy for foreigners from Hong Kong and Macao to enter Guangdong in groups.

You can check the following government website for details:


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