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Compact Dental Autoclave Machine

This table top steam sterilizer offers reliable, high-efficiency sterilization for dental instruments, ensuring utmost hygiene
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  • MeCan

Rapid Dental Autoclave Machine


Experience rapid and efficient sterilization with the Rapid Dental Autoclave Machine. This compact tabletop steam sterilizer is designed for dental practices, offering advanced features to ensure quick, reliable, and safe sterilization of instruments.

Rapid Dental Autoclave Machine

Key Features:

  • Rapid Sterilization: Complete sterilization process in just 25 minutes, maximizing efficiency without compromising effectiveness.

  • Touch Digital LCD Display: Intuitive interface for easy monitoring of temperature, time, alarms, and other essential parameters during operation.

  • Double Door Limit Protection: Enhanced safety with a dual-door limit protection device to prevent accidental opening during operation.

  • Over-Temperature Automatic Protection: Utilizes an automatic protection system from Texas, US, ensuring safe operation by preventing overheating.

  • Precision Pressure Sensor: MOTOROLA precision pressure sensor with silicon single crystal semiconductor gauge for accurate pressure monitoring, ensuring reliable performance over a 10-year service life.

  • Italian Water Pump: Low-noise pump with a lifetime of up to 100,000 cycles, ensuring quiet operation and longevity.

  • High-Speed Control Chip: American MCP high-speed control chip with the latest PID control algorithm for stable and precise performance. Coordinated hardware and software protection measures ensure low failure rates.

  • Built-in Printer and Data Output Storage: Includes a built-in printer and data storage for convenient documentation and record-keeping.

  • Sterilization Procedures: Offers 6 sterilization procedures and 2 test procedures to accommodate various sterilization needs.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for easy and convenient operation, meeting the diverse needs of dental professionals.

Dental Autoclave Machine


Ideal for use in dental clinics and small medical facilities where efficient sterilization of instruments is essential for patient safety and operational efficiency.

Package Includes:

Rapid Dental Autoclave Machine

User Manual

Power Cord

Warranty Card

Warranty: 12 month