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Compact Wilderness First Aid Kit

Compact wilderness first aid kit waterproof EVA design, it’s packed with essential supplies for outdoor safety and emergencies.
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  • MeCan

Compact First Aid Kit for Resuscitation



Prepare for emergencies with the Compact First Aid Kit, a comprehensive kit designed for resuscitation and emergency medical response. This kit is packed with essential tools and supplies to handle critical situations effectively.


Compact First Aid Kit for Resuscitation

Key Features:

Comprehensive Emergency Supplies: Includes a wide range of medical tools and supplies for resuscitation and emergency response.

Compact and Portable: Packed in a compact and durable case for easy storage and transportation.

Organized Interior: Features compartments and pockets for systematic storage and quick access to supplies during critical moments.

Versatile Use: Suitable for use in medical facilities, emergency response teams, and disaster preparedness.

User-Friendly Design: Designed for ease of use by trained medical professionals and first responders.

Compact First Aid Kit for Resuscitation contains

What Contents in Compact First Aid Kit:

Manual Resuscitation PVC for Adult: 1 set

Manual Aspirator: 1 set

Oxygen Cylinder 2 Litre: 1 set

Mouth-to-Mouth Breathing Mask: 1

Sphygmomanometer: 1 set

Stethoscope: 1 set

Mercury Thermometer: 1

Laryngoscope (curved sizes L, M, S): 1 set

Equipment for Opening Mouth: 1

Lamina for Pressing Lingua (Disposable): 1

Flashlight: 1

Tongue Forceps: 1

Medicinal Scissor (12.5cm): 1

Endotracheal Tube (Sizes 3, 4, 7, 8): 4

Stanching Nip (12.5cm): 1

Pharynx Airduct: 4

Medicinal Forceps (12.5cm): 1

Gauze Bandage (10x500cm): 4

Cravat (100x100x140cm): 2

Medicinal Gauze Pieces (7.5x7.5cm): 10

Compressed Gauze (50x180cm): 2

Adhesive Plaster (1.25x200cm): 2

Medicinal Glove: 1

Alcohol Cotton: 10 packs

Iodine Cotton Swabs (5pcs/pack): 4 packs

Emergency Manual: 1

First-Aid Kit for Resuscitation (Dimensions: 45x22x32cm): 1



Ideal for emergency medical teams, hospitals, clinics, and disaster relief organizations.



Dimensions: 45x22x32 cm

Material: Durable and waterproof EVA material

Color: Red (for high visibility)

Certifications: CE certified