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Emergency Medical Kit Bag

This emergency medical kit bag has waterproof EVA durability and portability
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  • MeCan

Waterproof EVA First Aid Kit - Emergency Medical Kit Bag


Be prepared for emergencies with the Waterproof EVA First Aid Kit, a comprehensive medical kit designed for emergency situations. This compact and durable kit contains essential medical supplies to handle various first aid needs effectively.

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Key Features:

Comprehensive Emergency Supplies: Includes essential tools and supplies such as a sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, various bandages, scissors, and more to address medical emergencies effectively.

Compact and Portable: Packaged in a waterproof EVA bag for durability and easy portability, suitable for home, office, travel, and outdoor activities.

Organized Storage: Clearly organized compartments and pockets inside the kit for quick access and easy retrieval of supplies during emergencies.

Multi-purpose Use: Ideal for use in homes, schools, workplaces, and outdoor settings to provide immediate medical assistance until professional help arrives.

User-Friendly Design: Designed for ease of use by medical professionals, first responders, and individuals trained in first aid techniques.

Waterproof EVA First Aid Kit contens


Sphygmomanometer: 1 set

Stethoscope: 1 set

Lamina for Pressing Lingua (Disposable): 1

Medicinal Scissor (12.5cm): 1

Flashlight: 1

Dressing Clamp (12.5cm): 1

Alcohol Cotton (5x5 cm): 10 packs

Iodine Cotton Swabs (5pcs/pack): 4 packs

Gauze Bandage (10x500cm): 4 rolls

Medicinal Gauze Pieces (7.5x7.5cm): 10 pieces

Cravat (100x100x140cm): 2

Adhesive Plaster (1.25x200cm): 2 rolls

Compressed Gauze (50x80cm): 2

Tourniquet (latex): 1


Perfect for emergency preparedness, disaster response, and everyday first aid needs in various settings.

Package Includes:

Waterproof EVA First Aid Kit Bag

User Manual

Emergency Contact Card