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FeedBack on MeCan Dental Chair From a Customer | MeCan Medical

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We are delighted that our customers have received our dental chairs and have sent us positive feedback. Thank you Honduras customer for their trust in us. Every feedback we receive is our driving force to move forward and push MeCan to become a more professional and stronger medical device supplier.

For more information on Dental Chair, please click:

In addition, this dental chair is our hot-selling product. We have also introduced it in detail in the live broadcast. If you are interested, you can click the link to watch the playback:

Standard Equipment of the Dental Chair:

1. Aluminium alloy baseplate 1set(stable,practical,attractive and durable)

2. 24V Noiseless DC motor chair 1set(Three memory position system)

3. Auto spittoon flushing and cup filler control system 1set
4. Purified water-supplied system 1set
5. Inductive air-locked rotary arm system 1set 

6. Retatable tempered glass spittoon 1set
7. Multifunctional foot controller 1set
8. Junction box 1set
9. Luxurious dental sense operation light 1set

10.Led X-ray film viewer 1set

11.Seamless cushion (with foldable headrest) 1set
12.Dental stool 1pcs
13.Three ways syringe (cold & hot) 2pcs
14.American handpiece tubine connector 3sets
15.American tubes and pipes 1set