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Flexible Video Intubation Laryngoscope

MeCan flexible video intubation laryngoscope for portable and efficient anesthesia intubation procedures.
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  • MCS1441

  • MeCan

Product Overview

The Flexible Video Intubation Laryngoscope is a state-of-the-art medical device designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of airway management procedures. Its portable and lightweight design ensures ease of use, making it an essential tool for emergency medical services and various clinical settings.




Lightweight and easy to operate, significantly saving time for EMS.

Convenient for transportation and storage, ensuring readiness for emergency situations.


Suitable for difficult airway intubation, airway inspection, and double lumen tube placement.

Versatile in applications such as alveolar lavage, biopsies, pneumothorax treatment, stent implantation, tracheal foreign body removal, and other bronchial treatments like local radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and medication injection.


One screen compatible with four different scopes.

Offers four working channel sizes, providing flexibility and cost-efficiency.


Equipped with an electronic camera system featuring LED lighting.

Utilizes new CMOS photo processing technology, delivering higher quality images and longer-lasting performance compared to traditional scopes.



The Flexible Video Intubation Laryngoscope is ideal for use in various medical departments, including:

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Respiratory departments

Anesthesia departments

Emergency departments


Flexible Video Intubation Laryngoscope

Flexible Anesthesia Intubation Portable

Video Laryngoscope