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Hemodialysis Machine | Dialysis Equipment | MeCan Medical

MeCan Medical proudly presents the Manual Blood Collection Chair, an innovative and patient-centric solution designed to enhance the blood collection experience.
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  • MCX0020

  • MeCan


 Product Description:

We are proud to introduce Hemodialysis Machine, a highly advanced and reliable device designed to provide superior hemodialysis treatment. This machine adopts the latest technology and humanized design to ensure patient comfort and treatment results, and allows medical professionals to easily manage the treatment process.

ialysis Equipment for Renal Care Technology


 Key Features:


Combine with Hemodialysis.Hemoperfusion,ISO UF,Hemoperfusion, Plasa Exchange all-in-one.

Multi-language LCD touch screen with high definition display interface

Double pump blood pump and spare pump can be replaced by each other, compatible to different size diameter bloodline.


1.In-built battery backup to support 30 minutes after power off

2.Disinfection:Rinse,hot disinfection and chemic disinfection.Circulated and closed disinfection system.

3.Automatically turn off machine once disinfection process completes.

4.Diameter of blood pump can be adjusted to be flexible for adult and child Be applicable for varioius concentration ratio formula

5.Store treatments information in form of curve profile

6.Full function digital selftest process

7.With visual and auditive alarm,character message shows alarm item and troubleshooting on screen


1.Air bubble monitor:optical and ultrasonic double control,can monitor blood level and accumulate air bubble

2.With safe and sensitive blood leakage monitor device

3.Complete water-way and electric way apart design,individual waterway control system to ensure the security

4.Dialysate temperature with high precision,safety control at 35-39C

5.Protection from intercross infection,fluid supply loop and return loop is completely divided during disinfection to avoid polution of whole machine in the case of mis-sucking disinfection liquid.

6.Conductivity control and protection:conductivity A,mix.conductivity,water outlet conductivity,insure patient's security

7.Adjustable Na+curve profile with multiplicate optional auto-adjust program,can realize individual dialysis and ensure patient's safety

8.Out-built UF test port,can test presicion of UF pump and running status