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Hemofiltration Machine | Renal Therapy Equipment

MeCan Medical proudly presents its state-of-the-art MCX0022 Hemofiltration Machine, an advanced renal therapy equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and patients.
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  • MCX0022

  • MeCan


 Product Description:

MeCan Medical proudly presents its state-of-the-art Hemofiltration Machine, an advanced renal therapy equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and patients. This cutting-edge machine is equipped with a wide range of features and functions to ensure effective renal therapy. Explore the key details and capabilities of this exceptional product:

Hemofiltration Machine, Renal Therapy Equipment in China


 Key Features:

On-line HDF (Hemodiafiltration): Our Hemofiltration Machine supports on-line hemodiafiltration, a highly efficient method for renal therapy.

Self-Checking Function: The machine incorporates a self-checking function, ensuring that it operates reliably and with precision.

Carbonate Dialysis: Utilizes a carbonate dialysis method, which is effective and safe for patients.

Double Needle Dialysis: Designed to accommodate double needle dialysis, enhancing treatment flexibility.

Liquid Level Detector: Equipped with a liquid level detector to maintain optimal fluid levels during therapy.

Bubble Detector: Includes a bubble detector to ensure the integrity and safety of the treatment process.

Blood Leakage Detector: Features a blood leakage detector for added patient safety.

Temperature and Electric Conductivity Monitoring: Constantly monitors temperature and electric conductivity to maintain treatment accuracy.

Pressure Monitoring: Monitors arterial pressure, venous pressure, and transmembrane pressure to ensure safe and effective therapy.

Rolling Blood Pump: Utilizes a rolling blood pump for precise and controlled blood flow.

Heparin Pump: Includes a heparin pump for anticoagulation during therapy.

Dehydration Control: The dehydration amount is controlled by capacity, optimizing patient comfort.

Automatic Disinfection Cleaning Program: Features an automatic disinfection and cleaning program, ensuring hygiene and safety.

Stand-By Power: Provides a stand-by power option for the blood pump in case of power failure.

Information Display: The machine boasts a comprehensive information display function on the screen, facilitating easy monitoring and control.

Storage Environment:

Storage Temperature: Should be maintained between 5°C to 40°C.

Relative Humidity: Storage should occur at relative humidity not exceeding 80%.


HDF, On-line BPM, Bi-cart: Performs hemodiafiltration, on-line blood pressure monitoring, and bicarbonate dialysis. Includes two endotoxin filters.

Optional Function:

Online KT/V, LAN: Offers the option for online calculation of KT/V and LAN connectivity for data management and remote monitoring.