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High Field Open MRI System

MCI0281 MeCan high field open MRI system ideal for patients with claustrophobia or those who require a more comfortable imaging experience.
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  • MCI0281

  • MeCan

High Field Open MRI System


High Field Open MRI System

Advocating the combination of technology and humanities,provide a comfortable operation experience to you.

Compact design for maximum use of limited space.

Touched screen,bringing you a sense of technology and fashion.

Integrated electric patient table,endless care for you.

Perfect magnet

Highest magnetic field of permanent magnet,industry leading level.

Unique A-shimming technology,ensure a high level homogeneity of magnetic field.

Intellioent temperature control svstem.suppl a high stability of magnetic field

Advanced gradient system

Combined with Self-shielding Eddy-'0'technology,

ensure a high image quality.

High level linearity Powerful output,close to super-conducting MRI

Easy to get large FOV and Thinner slice images,Fast scan speed

Digital 4 channels RF system

4 channels PA receiving coils

4 channels A/D Unit

4 channels full-digital spectrometer

Powerful RF output

PA receiving coils

PA receiving coils