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Hospital Corridor PVC Handrail

The Hospital Corridor PVC Handrail made from PVC, widened design
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  • MCF8010

  • MeCan

High-Quality PVC Handrail for Hospital Corridors

Model: MCF8010

Product Description:

Ensure safety and comfort in hospital corridors with our MCF8010 PVC Handrail. Designed for durability and reliability, this handrail provides essential support while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of healthcare environments. Crafted from flame-retardant materials and featuring a heat-resistant, textured surface for improved grip, it meets stringent safety standards and offers long-term performance. With a robust aluminum core and enhanced load-bearing capacity, it's ideal for high-traffic areas where stability and longevity are paramount.

PVC Handrail for Hospital Corridors


  1. High-Quality Material: Constructed from flame-retardant materials tested by SGS for safety and environmental protection.

  2. Heat Resistant and Durable: Constant temperature material ensures stability and durability, withstanding high temperatures and maintaining integrity. Break elongation rate reaches 201%.

  3. Anti-Skid Texture: Textured surface enhances grip, reducing slip risks and ensuring secure support. Ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip.

  4. Sturdy Aluminum Core: Thick aluminum core prevents deformation, ensuring stability and prolonged service life.

  5. Enhanced Load-Bearing: Thickened base increases load-bearing capacity, suitable for heavy use in hospital settings.

  6. Color Uniformity: Uniform color throughout, with end caps matching the panel color to prevent fading and maintain aesthetics.

Why Choose Our PVC Handrail?

Safety Certified: Flame-retardant materials tested for safety ensure compliance with rigorous standards.

Durable Construction: Heat-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials combined with aluminum core for long-lasting performance.

Secure Grip: Textured surface and ergonomic design enhance user comfort and safety, minimizing slip hazards.

Stable Installation: Thick aluminum core and reinforced base provide stability and prevent deformation, ensuring reliable support.

Aesthetic Appeal: Uniform color and fade-resistant design maintain visual appeal over time, suitable for healthcare environments.

Discover our High-Quality PVC Handrail designed for hospital corridors. With flame-retardant and heat-resistant materials, it ensures safety and durability while providing a secure grip. Ideal for high-traffic areas, it offers stability and aesthetics, meeting stringent safety standards for healthcare environments.