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Live Stream | Presentation for 3D Anatomy Table on October 11th!

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Get ready for an informative live event! On Wednesday, October 11th, we're excited to bring you a live presentation of our cutting-edge product, the 3D Anatomy Table.


Live Stream Detail:

Date: October 11th, Wednesday

Live Time: 15:00 (Beijing)(Manila)

Live Stream Link:

Live 3D Anatomy Table Demonstrations MeCan Medical

The 3D Anatomy Table is an advanced medical device designed to enhance our understanding of human anatomy. With its interactive features, it offers an immersive learning experience for medical professionals, students, and enthusiasts. For more information about 3D Anatomy Table, please click the picture.


Join us on October 11th for a live presentation of the 3D Anatomy Table. The event will start at [15:00 (Beijing)(Manila)], and you can access it via this link: []. 


During the live session, we will:

1. Showcase the capabilities of the 3D Anatomy Table.

2. Walk you through its user-friendly interface and functionalities.

3. Discuss its applications in medical education, research, and practice.

4. Answer your questions in real-time.


To join us for this event, click on the live stream link provided: [insert live stream link]. Don't forget to mark your calendar for October 11th!

For further questions or information, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to your participation on October 11th for an insightful live presentation!