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PVC Flooring Roll for Hospitals

PVC flooring roll for hospitals, Perfect for creating resilient and comfortable healthcare environments.
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  • MCF8007

  • MeCan

PVC Flooring Roll for Hospital - Anti-Static Floor

Model: MCF8007

Product Overview:

Our Anti-Static PVC Flooring Roll for Hospitals is designed to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare environments, providing both functionality and durability. This flooring solution is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities where static control and hygiene are paramount. With customizable thickness options and a homogeneous structure, it ensures ease of maintenance and long-lasting performance.

PVC Flooring Roll for Hospital

Key Features:

  • Total Thickness: Available in 2.0mm standard thickness (customizable options include 2.5mm and 3.0mm).

  • Roll Dimensions: Comes in rolls with a width of 2m and a length of 20m, offering extensive coverage for large areas.

  • Weight: Sturdy construction with a weight of 2900g/m⊃2;, ensuring durability and stability underfoot.

  • Electric Properties: Dissipative properties, designed to control static electricity within healthcare environments.

  • Fire Grade: Classified as B1, meeting fire safety standards essential for healthcare facilities.

  • Surface Layer: Homogeneous PVC layer ensures uniform quality and performance throughout the flooring.

  • Usage: Specifically tailored for hospitals and medical facilities, ensuring hygiene, safety, and ease of maintenance.

  • Benchmarked Quality: Crafted to meet high standards of quality and durability expected in healthcare environments.

  • Maintenance: Easy to clean and sanitize, maintaining a hygienic environment critical in healthcare settings.

  • Static Control: Effective dissipative properties minimize the risk of static discharge, protecting sensitive medical equipment and personnel.

  • Safety: Provides a safe and comfortable flooring option, meeting regulatory standards and enhancing patient and staff safety.

Flooring Roll for Hospital

MeCan PVC Flooring Roll for Hospitals combines superior quality with functional design, ensuring reliability and performance in healthcare environments. Designed with anti-static properties and fire safety compliance, it offers an ideal solution for architects, facility managers, and healthcare professionals seeking durable and hygienic flooring solutions.