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Portable Dental Autoclave

MeCan portable dental autoclave, designed for compact, reliable sterilization.
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  • MeCan

Portable Dental Autoclave

Product Overview:

The Portable Dental Autoclave features a precision pressure sensor from MOTOROLA, utilizing a silicon single crystal semiconductor gauge with a thin film shape that ensures accurate pressure monitoring over its 10-year service life.

Portable Dental Autoclave

Key Features:

  • Water Full Alarm System: Equipped with a water full alarm system in the waste water tank to prevent sterilization using recycled water, ensuring effective and meaningful sterilization processes.

  • Dual Exhaust Condenser: The condenser pipeline, measuring 6 meters in length, efficiently cools down hot steam. Cooled water then enters the waste water tank with a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius. The condenser is enhanced with two fans to improve exhaust cooling performance and overall sterilizer efficiency.

  • Imported Water Pump: Featuring an Italian imported water pump known for its low noise and high safety standards, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 cycles.

  • Clear Display: A clear digital display and a comprehensive fault detection alarm system enable real-time monitoring and control of machine dynamics.

  • Double Door Protection Device: Real-time multi-point monitoring and protective limits are set to eliminate safety risks caused by abnormal sterilizer operations. It includes a manual door lock for added security.

  • Application: Ideal for dental offices, mobile clinics, and other medical facilities.

MeCan Portable Dental Autoclave

Technical Specifications:

Pressure Sensor Type: Silicon single crystal semiconductor thin film

Water Pump Type: Imported Italian water pump

Capacity: Customizable based on requirements

Power: Depending on the model, detailed specifications can be provided

Notes: Before use, ensure to clean the lamp glass and use a bulb with specifications between 10W to 15W to prevent any adverse effects from exceeding 15W.