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Reliable Dentist Autoclave

MeCan dental autoclaves and sterilizers. Ensure optimal hygiene and patient safety with reliable dental sterilization equipment.
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  • MeCan

B Class Dentist Autoclave Sterilizer


Ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency in instrument sterilization with the European B Class Autoclave Sterilizer. This advanced sterilization unit meets the rigorous EN13060 safety standards and offers a range of features designed to optimize disinfection processes in dental practices, laboratories, and operating rooms.

Dentist Autoclave Sterilizer

Key Features:

  • European B Class Standard: Certified to meet EN13060 safety regulations, ensuring reliable sterilization of instruments.

  • Three Pulse Vacuum Drying: Achieves a vacuum degree of -0.082Mpa with mechanical residual humidity less than 0.2%, suitable for various instrument types including packed, unpacked, solid, Class A hollow, Class B hollow, and Class B hollow with porous internal piping.

  • New Operation Interface: Touch digital LCD screen displays temperature, pressure, time, operation status, fault alarms, and sterilization information for enhanced user convenience and monitoring.

  • Full Computer Control: Utilizes an advanced imported 16-bit microprocessor for intuitive operation and precise control during disinfection cycles.

  • Internal Circulation Double Fan Cooling Separation System: Improves vacuum pump efficiency and longevity by separating drainage steam from the vacuum pumping pipeline.

  • BD Test Equipped: Includes a vacuum test for steam penetration testing to ensure thorough sterilization.

  • Spray Type Steam Generator: Ensures balanced temperature and pressure within the chamber for comprehensive disinfection.

  • Water Full-Filled Alarm System: Alerts users to the waste water tank's status, preventing the risk of reusing contaminated water.

  • Clear Digital Display and Fault Detection: Provides real-time machine status updates and alerts for seamless operation.

  • Door Interlock Protection: Safeguards against accidental exposure to pressure by preventing door opening when the chamber is pressurized.

Dentist Autoclave Sterilizer 1


Ideal for use in dentistry, ophthalmology, operating rooms, and laboratories where stringent sterilization requirements are essential for patient safety and operational efficiency.

European B Class Autoclave Sterilizer

User Manual

Power Cord

Warranty Card

Warranty: 12 months