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Sports Wheelchair ready for shipment to Guatemala | MeCan Medical

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The sports wheelchairs of Guatemala customers have been packaged and ready to be shipped, 

and we look forward to hearing from you.

High Quality Lightweight Folding Foldable Electric Wheelchair Manufacturer - Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited,OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements, we are very professional and we will provide the best service to you.

What's more, buying a wheelchair from MeCan can get a complete after-sales service, if you have any questions after receiving the goods, you can feel free to contact us.

For more details about Sports Wheelchair :

The Features of our Electric Wheelchair?

1. This product is designed for user's simple operation.

2. The reducer with dual back drivers is used to ensure the stability and reliability of driving.

3. Advanced controller, easy operation system.

4. Seat design complying with Human Engineering provide user with enough coziness.

5. The whole wheelchair could be folded and the pedals could be dismantled, easy for package, delivery and storage in household.