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Welcome to China --- Summary of visa websites of various countries to China

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Since the outbreak of the situation in 2020, China has been implementing a strict immigration control policy, resulting in a great restriction on foreigners' travel to China for work, study, tourism and other activities. However, as the situation in China gradually improves, good news has recently arrived: from March 15, 2023, China will resume issuing all types of visas to foreigners.

According to the authorities, the scope of the resumption of visas includes business visas, student visas, work visas, family visit visas and other types of visas. At the same time, the length of stay in China will be extended appropriately for foreigners. These measures will help more foreigners travel to China, promote international cultural exchanges, and facilitate Sino-foreign cooperation and exchanges.

The reinstatement of the visa policy is a positive sign that China is actively promoting opening up to the outside world and strengthening cooperation and exchanges with other countries around the world. This will bring more opportunities and space for development to the world.

We welcome people from all over the world to come to China!


For clients doing business with Gangangzhou MeCan Medical, 

we can send you an invitation letter to help you apply for a visa.

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MeCan has compiled a list of websites for each country where you can check visa application matters. Please note that before applying for a visa, be sure to visit the official website for the latest visa requirements and procedures!

A. Comprehensive Website:

1. China Online Visa Application (Overseas Application) (COVA):


This website can be used to fill out basic information online when applying for a Chinese visa from abroad. Applicants can print it out and submit it to their local Chinese consulate or embassy for offline visa application. All applicants (not applicable to applications for Hong Kong SAR visas) can visit this website and fill in the visa application form online.

Note: Completing the application form online does not guarantee that the applicant will be granted a Chinese visa. The Chinese Embassy or Consulate will make the final decision on the visa application and it may not be the same as the completed application.

2. This site offers a free work visa application score calculation:


The scoring system is one of the methods used to determine the work visa category. For example, a working visa category A requires a score of 85 points.

B. Visa Policy Inquiry by Embassy in China(Some countries)


1. Japan:

2. Korea:

3. North Korea:

4. Mongolia:

5. The Philippines:

6. Indonesia:

7. Malaysia:

8. Myanmar:

9. Vietnam:

10. Cambodia:

11. Thailand:

12. Laos:

13. Bangladesh:

14. Nepal:

15. Pakistan:

16. Sri Lanka:

17. Afghanistan:

18. UAE:

19. Saudi Arabia:

20. Kuwait:

21. Bahrain:

22. Qatar:

23. Oman:


1. Germany:

2. France:

3. UK:

4. Italy:

5. Spain:

6. Switzerland:

7. Portugal:

8. Austria:

9. Belgium:

10. The Netherlands:

11. Sweden:

12. Denmark:

13. Norway:

14. Finland:

15. Ireland:

16. Czech Republic:

17. Hungary:

18. Poland:

19. Greece:

20. Russia:


1. South Africa:

2. Egypt:

3. Tunisia:

4. Morocco:

5. Algeria:

6. Kenya:

7. Ghana:

8. Seychelles:

9. Mauritius:

10. Nigeria:

11. Cameroon:

12. Zimbabwe:

13. Equatorial Guinea:

14. Chad:

15. Mali:


1. United States:

2. Canada:

3. Mexico:

4. Brazil:

5. Argentina:

6. Colombia:

7. Peru:

8. Chile:

9. Costa Rica:

10. Cuba:

11. Dominican Republic:

12. Ecuador:

13. Guadeloupe:

14. Guatemala:

15. Jamaica:

16. Costarrica:

17. Paraguay:

18. Colombo:

19. Ecuador:


1. Australia:

2. New Zealand:

3. Papua New Guinea:

4. Fiji:

5. Solomon Islands:

6. Kiribati:

7. Tuvalu:

8. Nauru:

9. Palau:

Feel free to share the article with those who need it, and finally, China welcomes you!