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MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit
MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit

MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit

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USD 900.00-900.00
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  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Properties:The Basis of Surgical Instruments
  • Type:Knife
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:MeCan (electrocautery)
  • Model Number:MCS-2000RF

150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit 

Model: MCS-2000RF 


Main Features of the MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit:


1. Max 150W Radiofrequency Surgical Unit, with mono-polar and bipolar function.

2. Six working modes: pure cut, blend, ablation, spray coag, forced coag, bipolar coag.

3. Wide clinical applications, such as the general surgery, dermatology, orthopedic surgery, cardiology, gynecology, , oncology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ENT,  Stomatology, etc.


4. Microprocessor controlled, digital display. With audible and visual indicators and errors codes during the process of outputting.

5. Both hand and foot controlled.

6. Separate power display and outlet socket for mono-polar cut, mono-polar coag,and bipolar coag, each output can be individually configured.

7. It redefines the surgical results with 4MHz radio wave technology, minimizes heat dissipation and cellular alteration while cutting and coagulation soft tissues.


8. Low temperature, non-carbide, no adhesion, Less bleeding, quick recover.

9. Protection against over-voltage and over-current.

10. Convection refrigeration without ventilator.

11. Mounted on a 4 wheels cart(optional).


Technical Specifications of the MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit:


Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz(110V±11V, 60Hz)

Operating frequency: a)Monopolar:4MHz  b) Bipolar:1MHz

Power rating: 1100VA±10%


Six working modes of the MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit:


1. Mono-polar Cut

a) Pure cut:1W~150W( Load 700Ω)

b) Blend:1W~100W(Load 700Ω)

c) ablation:1W~100W(Load700Ω)


2. Mono-polar Coag

d) Spray Coag:1W~80W( Load 700Ω)

e) Forced Coag:1W~100W( Load 700Ω)


3. Bipolar

f) Bipolar Coagulation: 1W~120W( Load 200Ω)


4. Power Consumption: ≤1100VA


Configuration Sheet of the MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit:


Electrosurgical Pencil        5pcs

Neutral Electrode              1pcs

Neutral Electrode cable    1pcs

Footswitch                        1set

Bipolar Forceps                1pcs

Bipolar forceps cable       1pcs

Electrodes                        10pcs


Accessories of the MCS-2000RF 150 W Radiofrequency surgical Unit:

Surgical Cautery Diathermy Electrocautery Machine.jpgHigh Frequency Bipolar Electrosurgical Unit.jpgLEEP Surgery Equipment Generator.jpg


Electrosurgical unit

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hello, the installation of the RX unit was a success. all is ok and i have a very good picture.



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Hello we have installed the radio and we are really satisfied with its operation.


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