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C-Shaped Permanent Open MRI Machine

Experience MeCan Medical's C-Shaped Permanent Open MRI Machine. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with a human-centric approach, we present a revolutionary imaging experience that prioritizes your comfort.
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  • MCI0214

  • MeCan

C-Shaped Permanent Open MRI Machine

Model: MCI0214

c shaped mri scanner manufacturer in China

The MCI0214 C-Shape Open MRI Scanner,  brings together groundbreaking technological advantages and innovative design. The unique C-Shape structure provides unprecedented comfort for patients and physicians, while the superb application of open MRI technology delivers superior image clarity and accurate diagnostic information. Whether it's neurology, orthopedics, or cardiology, our equipment will help you realize the need for more accurate and efficient imaging in different medical fields.

Key Features of C-Shaped Permanent Open MRI Machine

1. Human-Centric Design: Our focus on human-centered design ensures that every aspect of the C-Shaped Permanent            Open MRI Machine revolves around your comfort and ease of use.

2. Unprecedented Openness: Step into an imaging environment that breaks down the barriers of traditional MRI machines.        The spacious C-shaped structure liberates you from confinement, making your experience remarkably open and relaxing.

3. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Seamlessly control and personalize your imaging journey with the state-of-the-art                  touchscreen LCD. Effortlessly navigate settings and options with just a touch.

4. Elevated Patient Comfort: The integrated electric patient table provides a holistic solution for patient comfort and accessibility, enhancing the overall imaging experience.

5. Magnet Excellence: Leveraging unique A-shimming technology, our system guarantees an unparalleled level of magnetic      field uniformity. Our intelligent temperature control system ensures a stable magnetic environment for consistent, high-          quality imaging.

6. Advanced RF System: Benefit from a powerful digital 4-channel RF system, including 4 channels of PA receiving coils, a 4. channel A/D unit, and a fully digital spectrometer. This system empowers precise and detailed imaging results.

7. Revolutionary Gradient System: Experience imaging like never before with our advanced gradient system, combining 

    self- shielding and Eddy-'0' technology. Witness exceptional image quality and superior performance.

Applications of MCI0214 C-Shaped Open MRI Machine

The versatility of the C-Shaped Permanent Open MRI Machine spans various medical fields, ranging from neurology to orthopedics and beyond. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the remarkable imaging quality and user-friendly operation that this system brings.

Outstanding PA Receiving Coils of MCI0214 Open MRI Machine

PA Receiving Coils of open mri machine
PA Receiving Coils of open mri
PA Receiving Coils of C-shaped open mri machine
PA Receiving Coils of open mri machine1
PA Receiving Coils of mecan open mri machine
PA Receiving Coils of open mri machine in hospital
PA Receiving Coils of open mri machine systems
PA Receiving Coils of open mri machine2