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Cryogenic Freezer
Cryogenic Freezer
Cryogenic Freezer
Cryogenic Freezer
Cryogenic Freezer

Cryogenic Freezer

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USD 650.00-650.00
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  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:Mecan
  • Model Number:MCL-LW128/258

-164°C Cryogenic Freezer


What is the detail of our Cryogenic Freezer?

Targeted Refrigeration

Unique, high-efficient and recycling coding system.

Extremely low temperature

Three-dimensional Thermal Insulation

The VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate can lock cool air inside the cabinet and guarantee thermal insulation effect.

Refrigeration System

The single-pole lubrication compressor refrigeration technology has improved refrigeration capacity;

Control system

The high-precision microcomputer temperature control system and platinum resistor temperature sensors enable users to set temperature inside the cabinet within a range from -120 to -164°C(MC-ZW 128);

Digital temperature display, the running status is clearly displayed.

Refrigeration System

Environmental protective refrigerant invented by Chinese academy of science (CAS);

Unique refrigeration circuit with china patent

Refrigeration technology of single-stage oil slide compressor, powerful cooling ability;

Famous international compressor, quick cooling;

Famous international fan motor.

Optional Cryo Accessories

Optional single type upright racks;

Optional alarm lamp, voltage compensation, remote alarm and liquid N2 backup system.

Security System

The well-developed security system with multiple audible & visual alarm functions: high/ low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, high/low voltage alarm, sensor failure alarm, low battery alarm condenser heat dissipation

alarm, system failure alarm etc. to ensure the storage sample safety;

The turn-on delay and stopping interval protection function can ensure reliable operation;

The keyboard lock function and password function can prevent any adjustment of operating parameters without permission

Thermal Insulation System

Unique two times foaming technology, super thick VIP insulation which greatly improves the insulation effect;

VIP vacuum insulation board, tightly locks the cold air to ensure the great insulation effect.


Chest type with lid to be opened from the top, assisting balanced hinges to make it easily;

Casters can be fixed for easy movement and fixation.

Scope of Application

Application to scientific research, low temperature test of special materials, freeze red blood cell, white blood cell, skins, DNA/RNA, bones, bacteria, sperm and biological products etc. Suitable for use in blood bank station, hospitals, sanitation and anti-epidemic stations, biological engineering, laboratories in colleges & universities, military enterprises and so on.-164°C Cryogenic Freezer-164°C Cryogenic Freezer-164°C Cryogenic Freezer

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-164°C Cryogenic Freezer

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-164°C Cryogenic Freezer