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ear medical instruments
ear medical instruments
ear medical instruments

ear medical instruments

Model NO.:
USD 399.00-399.00
Minimum order quantity:
  • Type:Electronic Endoscope
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:Mecan
  • Model Number:MC-C6

Ear medical instruments

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C2008.1Mastoid rongeur forcepsBayonet shaped, large
C2008.2Mastoid rongeur forcepsBayonet shaped, middle
C2008.3Mastoid rongeur forcepsBayonet shaped, small
C2008.5Mastoid hemostatic forcepsBayonet shaped, large
C2008.6Mastoid hemostatic forcepsBayonet shaped, small
C2011Mastoid rongeur forcepssharp head
C2011.1Mastoid rongeur forcepssharp head, curved 140mm
C2007.1Ear foreign body forcepssmall triticeous head
C2007.2Ear foreign body forcepsLarge triticeous head
C2047ProbeBayonet shaped
C2047.1Probedouble ball heads
C2054Cerumen hook7pcs composite
C2022Mastoid curette1.5×160mm
C2026Mastoid curette3.5×160mm
C2047ProbeBayonet shaped
C2048ProbeKnee shaped
C2034.1Mastoid malletlarge
C2034.2Mastoid malletmiddle
C2034.3Mastoid malletsmall


Beside the ear medical instruments ,we also offer serials Operation Room Equipment:


operation room equipment.jpg



Our Advantage

1. One stop supplier for medical equipments and laboratory equipments in Guangzhou
2. More than 2000 hospitals have become our partners
3. Superior quality with factory price
4. Quick reply and considerate service
5. CE,ISO,FDA Certificate
6. Fast delivery by air, sea or in other ways
7. More than 10 years in medical machines supply business
8. Exported to more than 109 countries
9. Warranty time: AT LEAST 12 months and Over 8 years' technical and accessories-change support
10.Excellent and immediate after-sale service


Together with client

We have sold 50mA Mobile X-ray Machine MCX-L102 and other medical equipment to more than 109 countries and built long term partnerships with clients such as UK, US, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Turkey, Greece, Philippines, etc



1. From the Biomedical Engineer of Senegal.

hello, the installation of the RX unit was a success. all is ok and i have a very good picture.



2. From Dr. Salman Hasan, Doctor from Nigeria

Hello we have installed the radio and we are really satisfied with its operation.


3. From Dr. Emma Adapoe, Ghana, Africa.

 Mecan Medical Company Limited:

I have tried them for their honesty

I have tested their products for Good Quality

I have experienced their Good and and nice service and customer relations

I endorse Mecan because they stand the test of time.


Please contact us and let’s talk details for the  ear medical instruments




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