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Emergency Trolley - Hospital Essentials

MCF1060 Emergency Trolley is a versatile and essential piece of equipment designed to meet the demanding needs of medical emergency settings.
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  • MCF1060

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Emergency Trolley - Hospital Essentials

Model Number: MCF1060

Emergency Trolley Overview:

The Emergency Trolley is a versatile and essential piece of equipment designed to meet the demanding needs of medical emergency settings. Featuring a sturdy construction and thoughtful design, this trolley provides convenient storage and easy access to medical supplies, ensuring efficient patient care during critical situations.

 Emergency Trolley - Hospital Essentials

Key Features:

  1. Sturdy Construction: Constructed with aluminum, copper, and ABS engineering plastic for durability and strength. Aluminum alloy columns provide robust support.

  2. Top Section: Integrated ABS injection-molded tabletop with side handles for easy maneuverability. Three-sided ABS guardrails prevent small items from slipping off, featuring a height of 70mm and a transparent soft glass surface.

  3. Front Section: Foldable central locking mechanism with five drawers. Drawers feature various depths and internal compartments for organized storage of medical supplies. Red dovetail-style drawer handles enhance visibility and ease of use.

  4. Left Section: Equipped with a defibrillator platform, hidden retractable auxiliary worktable, and document box.

  5. Right Section: Features a hidden retractable IV stand, built-in 2L sharp container in the mesh basket, and dual-color ABS waste bins.

  6. Back Section: Includes a defibrillator board, hidden retractable oxygen cylinder bracket, and retractable power cord.

  7. Bottom Section: Deluxe swivel-inserted mute casters, with two featuring brake functions. Made of high-strength polyurethane material, these casters offer anti-static, anti-hair entanglement properties, ensuring smooth and flexible movement.

details of Emergency Trolley

Size of Emergency Trolley:

Size of Emergency Trolley


The Emergency Trolley is ideal for use in hospital emergency departments, clinics, ambulances, and other medical facilities. It provides healthcare professionals with a reliable and organized solution for storing and transporting essential medical supplies, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively to emergency situations.Suitable for use in ICU, emergency departments, operating rooms, and other healthcare settings.