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Enhance Care with Fetal Maternal Monitor

Ensure the health of mother and baby with our Fetal Maternal Monitor. This state-of-the-art device offers precise and real-time monitoring of vital signs, delivering valuable insights for healthcare professionals. Enhance prenatal care with our reliable and advanced solution.
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  • MCS0060

  • MeCan

Fetal & Maternal Monitor

Model: MCS0060

Innovative ConxOS operating system

Three- dimensional touch screen

When you press the icons on the new designed touch screen, icons will be concave, giving you a three- dimensional and intuitive touching experience.

Human- friendly slide screen

The first patient monitor equipped with sliding screen operation technology, easy to switch to different interfaces.

● Automatic screen layout

The interface layout is adaptive to different screens.

Fetal Maternal Monitor MCS0060 (8)

Practical performances

● Rich automatic scoring system

Four types of scoring methods, NST/Fischer/Improved Fischer/Krebs.

● Timing monitoring function

The first TEMPOMTM timing monitoring function, avoid over time monitoring.

● Manual / automatic recording of fetal movements.

● FHR signal strength indicator, twins cross channel verification

● Multi- interface display: Fetal interface, multi- parameters interface, maternal/fetal interface, big font interface, trend table/graph interface etc. for various clinical requirements.

● Support obstetric central monitoring system, support wired/wireless networking.

The design, a perfect integration of attractive appearance, reliability performance and convenient operation

The whole machine looks compact and smooth with “U-“shape structure.

Fetal Maternal Monitor MCS0060 (2) 

Folding- up touch screen

12.1"back- light LED touch screen, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Folding- up screen design with maximum 90°folding angle facilitate easy observation and operation.

Strong damping shaft and magnet on the structure makes the screen easier to open and close.

Fetal Maternal Monitor MCS0060 (10)

High efficiency printing system

Built- in 152mm wide line thermal printer Comen patented Cali- Rec® intelligent print correction function makes the machine be able to adjust paper feeding direction, so that to solve paper jam and deviation defects of the traditional printers.

Internal thermal printer as well as external aser printer via USB connection; report of overall score printed in A4 paper, cost saving, long- time storage of cases; electronic version of pictures printed auto-saved in USB disk for checking at any time.

Multiple printing modes selectable, such as real time printing, freeze printing, printing review, etc.

Support waveform review of the physiological parameters of patients.

Time selectable for printing and scoring.

Support printing waveforms, maternal vital signs, ECG waveforms, NIBP list, trend table

Fetal Maternal Monitor MCS0060 (4) Automatic identification probe

Automatice recognition of different types of probe. User friendly design, improve clinical efficiency.

Fetal Maternal Monitor MCS0060 (5) Integrated probes bracket

The probes brackets are equipped on the right side of the machine, which is used for the management of the accessories.

Fetal Maternal Monitor MCS0060 (7)

Waterproof probe

Support water delivery,

FHR signal strength observable from working interface.

Fetal Maternal Monitor MCS0060 (6)

Alarm system

Unique and eye- catching dual alarm lights can be seen from every angle, makes physiological alarm and technology alarm more clear and intuitive.

Intelligent alarm technique, MCS0060 Fetal monitor is able to recognize different levers of alarm according to change of patients physiological parameters with three kinds of audible and visual alarm prompts, help medical workers accurately make clinical judgments.