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ENT Diagnostic Kit

The ENT Diagnostic Kit is meticulously crafted for thorough examinations of the fundus, ear cavity, nasal cavity, oral cavity, and laryngeal part of the pharynx.
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  • MCO0006

  • MeCan

ENT Diagnostic Kit

Model Number: MCO0006

ENT Diagnostic Kit for Precision Examination:

The ENT Diagnostic Kit is meticulously crafted for thorough examinations of the fundus, ear cavity, nasal cavity, oral cavity, and laryngeal part of the pharynx.ENT Diagnostic KitMCO0006 (2) 

Key Features:


  1. Ophthalmic Lens Excellence: Utilizes a precisely ground superior optical glass lens for accurate and clear fundus examinations.

  2. Optical Prism Design: Incorporates a newly designed optical prism that eliminates corneal reflex, ensuring even and clear ophthalmoscopic images in the fundus.

  3. Otoscope with Versatile Speculum: Otoscope is equipped with various sizes of speculum, catering to different antrum auris sizes and facilitating easy installation in the handle. Features an illumination light source and a 3-times magnifying glass for detailed observation.

  4. Nasal Speculum with Magnification: Nasal speculum includes an illumination light source and a 3-times magnifying glass.

  5. Facilitates nasal cavity examination and simple small surgeries after nostril opening by the supporting blade.

  6. Laryngeal Examination Convenience: Offers 2 to 3 kinds of laryngeal mirrors and a suspension tube for convenient examination of the mouth cavity and throat.

  7. Tongue Depressor Illumination: Tongue depressor, when combined with the handle, provides illumination for clear throat examinations.

  8. Versatile Handle Design: Features a novel and aesthetically pleasing handle that easily connects with different parts such as nasal speculum, otoscope head, and ophthalmoscope head.

  9. Direct Illumination and Portability: Direct illumination ensures precise examination, and the kit is designed for portability, making it suitable for various medical settings.

  10. Separate Head and Battery Handle: Separate head design for easy maneuverability and a shared battery handle for efficient power supply.

  11. Copper-Coated Chrome Head: Head components are copper-coated with chrome, ensuring durability and longevity.

  12. Plastic Battery Handle: Ergonomically designed plastic battery handle for user comfort during examinations.

  13. Reusable Specula: Includes reusable specula for sustainable and cost-effective usage.

  14. Dry Cell Battery Operation: Powered by dry cell batteries for convenient and reliable operation.

  15. Diopter Compensation Options: Offers a range of diopter compensation options to accommodate various visual prescriptions for accurate diagnoses.

ENT Diagnostic Nasal Speculum

Nasal Speculum

ENT Diagnostic Otoscope


ENT Diagnostic Ophthalmoscope


ENT Diagnostic Plastic Tongue Depressor

Plastic Tongue Depressor

ENT Diagnostic Laryngeal Mirror

Laryngeal Mirror

The applications include:

  • Clinical ENT Examinations: The kit is specifically designed for comprehensive Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) examinations, facilitating in-depth assessments of various anatomical structures.

  • Fundus Examination: Ophthalmic lens excellence enables detailed examinations of the fundus, aiding in the diagnosis of eye-related conditions and abnormalities.

  • Otoscopy: The otoscope component of the kit is ideal for inspecting the ear cavity, diagnosing ear infections, and conducting detailed examinations of the ear anatomy.

  • Nasal Cavity Inspection: Nasal speculum with magnification allows for thorough examinations of the nasal cavity, facilitating the identification of nasal conditions and abnormalities.

  • Oral Cavity and Throat Assessments: Laryngeal mirrors, tube suspension, and tongue depressor illumination provide convenient tools for examining the oral cavity and throat, aiding in the diagnosis of various conditions.

  • Routine Blood Examination: The kit's versatility extends to routine blood examinations, with specialized components for collecting blood samples, ensuring accuracy in hematology tests.

  • Emergency Medical Situations: The portability and ease of use make the kit suitable for emergency medical situations, providing healthcare professionals with valuable diagnostic tools when time is crucial.

  • Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Tests: The plain tube with red cap facilitates serum specimen collection for biochemistry, immunology, and serology tests, contributing to a wide range of laboratory operations.

  • Small Surgeries and Medical Procedures: The kit's adaptability allows for simple small surgeries and medical procedures, enhancing its utility in diverse clinical scenarios.

The ENT Diagnostic Kit provides a comprehensive solution for ENT examinations, offering versatility, precision, and ease of use for healthcare professionals.