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Real feedback from Philippines on Doppler Ultrasound | MeCan Medical

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Introduction of the Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System.

Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic System perfect match for high-quality image performance, with added features such as Auto IMT, 4D, Elastography, and Tissue Doppler Imaging, and with the most competitive price in the industry.

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1.15inch high resolution LED monitor.
2.10.4 inch touch screen.
3.Four activated transducer connectors.
4.Raw data storage, complete offline analysis facility.
5.2D,M, PW, CW, TDI, Elastic, AMM, CMM, 3D/4D.
6.THI, SRI, TSI, TCI , EFov , Panoramic, HR flow, B-steer.
7.Support local and global amplification.
8.Support PW auto track and auto calculation.
9. Preposed USB ports, supporting multi-data transmission.
10. Multiple pregnancies measurement, Fetal growth curve, OB table are standard configured.
11.Color focus automatic tracking, Dual Live and Multi-synchronization technologies.
12.Optional Lithium battery package, duration more than 2h.