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Fetal Doppler Monitor

Discover peace of mind with our best fetal doppler. Our fetal doppler monitor offers reliable and convenient home fetal monitoring, ensuring reassurance for expectant parents.
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  Fetal Doppler Description

Introducing the MCG4008 Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler Monitor, an advanced device designed to meet the needs of daily fetal heart rate monitoring and routine examinations at home, clinics, communities, and hospitals. This doppler is equipped to accurately locate the fetus position before initiating fetal heart rate monitoring.Fetal Doppler Description

Fetal Doppler Features:

  1. High-Fidelity Sound: Experience high-fidelity and crystal-clear sound during fetal heart rate monitoring, providing a reassuring and reliable experience.

  2. Versatile Audio Output: Both earphone and speaker options are feasible, allowing flexibility in monitoring based on user preferences.

  3. Display Options: The monitor comes with a display featuring backlight or color LCD, ensuring clear visibility and ease of use.

  4. USB Functionality: USB functions enable the convenient transmission of data, providing a seamless experience for both healthcare professionals and expecting parents.

  5. Multiple Display Modes: Enjoy the flexibility of multiple display modes, catering to various preferences and monitoring requirements.

  6. Audio and Light Alarm: The doppler is equipped with both audio and light alarms, ensuring that users are promptly notified of any relevant changes or signals during monitoring.

  7. Versatile Work Modes: The device offers multiple work modes, adapting to different scenarios and usage requirements for comprehensive fetal monitoring.

  8. Special Antiskid Function: Designed with a special antiskid function, the doppler provides stability during use, ensuring accurate and reliable monitoring results.

Fetal Doppler Technical Specificcation

Fetal Doppler Technical Specificcation

The MCG4008 Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler Monitor is a reliable companion for expectant parents and healthcare professionals alike, offering advanced features for a thorough fetal monitoring experience.