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Gel and Clot Activator Tube

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  • MCK0008

  • MeCan

Gel and Clot Activator Tube

Model Number: MCK0008

Gel and Clot activator tube Overview:

The Gel & Clot Activator Tube is an essential medical consumable designed to facilitate the collection of high-quality serum specimens for a wide range of clinical tests. This innovative tube features a unique composition that ensures optimal specimen stability and integrity, making it ideal for use in biochemistry, immunology, and serology analyses.

 Gel and Clot Activator Tube

Key Features:

  1. Dual Functionality: This tube is equipped with both gel and clot activator components, allowing for efficient serum separation and clot formation during the specimen collection process.

  2. High-Quality Serum Specimens: The Gel & Clot Activator Tube is specifically designed to yield high-quality serum specimens suitable for a variety of clinical tests, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

  3. Stability and Compatibility: The gel present at the bottom of the tube is a pure substance with excellent physicochemical properties, providing stability to the specimen during storage and transportation. Additionally, the tube is compatible with a wide range of testing equipment, minimizing the risk of clogging and ensuring smooth laboratory operations.

  4. Temperature Resistance: The gel component is highly stable, even at high temperatures, preventing decomposition and the precipitation of small molecules. This feature enhances the reliability of the specimen and reduces the risk of contamination or interference with test results.


  • Biochemistry Testing

  • Immunology Assays

  • Serology Tests

  • Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

    Usage Instructions:

    • Collect blood specimen using standard venipuncture techniques.

    • Invert the tube gently several times to ensure proper mixing of the blood with the gel and clot activator.

    • Centrifuge the tube at [Insert Speed] for [Insert Time] to facilitate serum separation.

    • Carefully remove the serum from the tube for analysis, taking care not to disturb the gel layer.

    Storage Instructions:

    Store the Gel & Clot Activator Tubes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

    Follow standard laboratory protocols for storage and handling of medical consumables.

    Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your clinical laboratory with the Gel & Clot Activator Tube. Designed for optimal serum specimen collection, this essential medical consumable ensures accurate and consistent results across a wide range of diagnostic tests.